Unfair coverage of Ramani's residence

October 15, 2010

The Glendale News-Press article on Sept. 17, "Neighbors say they haven't seen much of Ramani," is disappointing on two fronts.

First, the News-Press rehashes old news over and over again as though it was fresh information. Ramani issued a release at the beginning of the campaign that he was taking up residence in Burbank to qualify for the Assembly race, and that if he won that seat he would move his family into the district, so there was no news there.

Then a supporter of Assemblyman Mike Gatto files a complaint with the Los Angeles County district attorney's office about Ramani's residence, starting an investigation mandated by law. The News-Press implies that the district attorney's office is actively pursuing the matter. This then is supported by your reporter waking up some sleepy tenants in Ramani's apartment building to find out if they have seen him, and then the article leads with the revelation that they haven't seen much of him. Might that be because he is out early morning till late at night campaigning and working among the people?


Second, when it comes to being seen, the News-Press ignores the obvious reality. Ramani has been assisting charities and community organizations in the Glendale/Burbank/La Cañada area for more than 20 years. He has devoted his time and money to helping this community and doesn't need an introducer to follow him around telling him who people are in the community.

As an active community participant, I can tell you that I never even heard of Gatto until this election cycle. Now who do you want to support, a man who is anxiously starting his political career with what I think is a big special interest bank roll, or a person who has cared about this community for decades?

I'm a loyal Democrat, but Ramani is the obvious choice for me. The budget and social problems we face are too great to trust an upstart to represent our interests in Sacramento.

Ernest P. Burger


It's a no-brainer: Legalize marijuana

I read with great disappointment Bill Kisliuk's article "Gatto and Ramani go into detail" in your Oct.12 edition, wherein he states that both Sander Ramani and Assemblyman Mike Gatto support the continuing financial and social foolishness of the law that makes the use of marijuana illegal.

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