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Homes for the holidays

Prom Plus Home Tour showcases historic and artistically designed homes while raising funds for post-prom party.

December 08, 2010|By Joyce Rudolph,

History is a major part of the Crescenta Valley High School Prom Plus annual Holiday Tour of Homes on Saturday.

Proceeds support the after-prom party in which participants have myriad activities to share with their classmates, including casino games, a mechanical bull ride, tattoo artists, a magician and palm reader, said Lisa Yeghiayan, a representative of the group organizing the event.

The four historical properties on this year's tour are a home owned by Flintridge House interior design business owner James Davis Polk; the newly named Fire House teen center, which once housed the La Crescenta Fire Station; the Richards home; and the Doll home.


The Doll home is owned by Crescenta Valley High Principal Michele Doll and her husband, Bart. It's the first time a principal has offered a home on the tour, Yeghiayan said.

"One of the most historical homes would be the Doll home," Yeghiayan said. "It's been in the family for 70 years and the grandmother, who is 96, bought the home in the 1940s with her husband who was a Glendale doctor.

"He was also an artist and his paintings are still on the walls of the home. The library is still as he left it, with all of his books, including notations in them."

The Dolls have done some remodeling inside, but have kept the classic Colonial style intact throughout, Doll said.

"All of the artwork, watercolors and oil paintings, were painted by my husband's grandfather Dr. William Nethery," Doll said. "He was a local doctor in Glendale for many years."

Doll believes it's an honor to share the family's home with the community, she said.

"This event raises money that will go to our after-prom party and will help our students and families," Doll said. "I also think it's an honor to showcase my husband's grandparents' home since they were an integral part of the community for so many years."

For the Richards' home, the family puts up a holiday light display choreographed to music.

"Every single detail in the home is absolutely spectacular," Yeghiayan said. "The home is totally remodeled. It's 2,900 square feet and it was a 1950s two-room house. They've pored over books and magazines and done extensive research in detailing the inlays and stained glass windows throughout the home. It's just beautiful inside."

The tour is just one of the fundraisers that support Prom Plus, an effort that began after a student was killed at a private post-prom party.

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