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The industry's best-kept secret

Burbank man is up for seventh Grammy, producing and playing bass on Robby Krieger's album 'Singularity.'

February 01, 2011|By Lance A. Wawer

Win six Grammys and get nominated for a seventh. Add three Emmys to the pile. You’d think that would make you a household name.

The name is Kevin Charles Brandon (aka Brandino). Have you heard of him? Neither have most of the people with whom he has worked.

This 32-year resident of Burbank has helped shape the music industry for more than 40 years, yet he remains unknown to even the most “in” artists in music. Brandino is up for his seventh Grammy this year for his bass and production work on Robby Krieger’s album “Singularity.” Krieger, who was a member of the Doors, brought Brandino in to work with him on his previous album “Cinematix.” “I was introduced to Brandino by Dale Alexander, who played with Prince,” Krieger said.


“He told me Brandino was ‘the man’ and would be able to play both electric and acoustic bass.” Brandino contributed to Krieger’s album on its two most seminal tracks: “Russian Caravan” and “Event Horizon.” It took 15 years to complete “Russian Caravan,” Krieger said.

Arthur Barrow, co-producer and musician on “Singularity,” noted “Robby suggested we bring Brandino in on ‘Russian Caravan’ because we decided that it needed an acoustic bass. I was blown away how he walked in, looked at the charts and proceeded to nail it.”

Barrow, a celebrated bass player, was with Frank Zappa for more than a decade. “As a bass player who plays only electric, I admire someone who can play both electric and acoustic at such a high level,” Barrow said.

“That was the first time I had heard of Brandino.” Christopher Kunitz, manager of artist relations at Warwick Basses, knows exactly who Brandino is. “Brandino has been part of the Warwick Family for over 20 years,” he said.

“He has the most Grammys on our roster and has the reputation as a great studio musician and amazing technician.” That is only a brief glimpse into what Brandino is doing now. To tell his current story requires a look into his past.

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