Scouts visit 10 churches on Ten Commandments hike

February 04, 2011

Have any idea how to teach the Ten Commandments to a bunch of rowdy Boy Scouts? Just throw in a three-mile walk through Glendale, 10 churches and lunch, cooked and served by the Glendale Chapter of the Kiwanis.

Close to 80 Scouts participated in the third annual Ten Commandments Hike on Saturday. They gathered in the parking lot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) in Glendale to register, offer a flag salute and a prayer. A welcome and introductions were handled by Scout leaders from the Verdugo Hills Council.

Hometown boys included Glendale residents Hunter Sandmeyer, 15, who gave the Pledge of Allegiance and Josh McGaughy, 14, who carried the flag on the first leg of the walk. Both Scouts are from Troop 303. Another Scout from Glendale, James Cuentas, 16, (Troup 139) has participated in the hike for all three years.


“I respect it,” he said, “My brother is a chaplain in the Army at Ft. Bragg.”

Burbank Scouts held down safety patrol duty. Hailing from Troop 201 were Dillon Wiegang, 14; Ryan Nakanishi, 15; Justin Beverly, 13; and Anthony Tello, 14. Hike Chairman from Burbank, David Davis, said the purpose of the Hike “is to teach reverence, obedience to the Scout oath, law and God.” Davis’ son, Chris Davis, is following Dad’s advice. Chris is an Eagle Scout.

Inside the sanctuary, former Second Ward Bishop Robert Weger gave a presentation on the First Commandment and talked about Mormon history.

Then it was on to the next nine churches. Bringing up the rear was First Aid Health Officer Gail Farnsworth from Glendale who toted a large first aid kit. What was in it? Blood pressure equipment and large bandages that, happily, no one had to use.


The Woman’s Club of La Crescenta kicked off their centennial year celebration with a rummage sale to end all rummage sales on Saturday. Thousands of gently used household items, books, clothes, shoes and jewelry were snapped up for pennies during the six-hour sale. About a dozen shoppers were lined up before the 8 a.m. opening. Snatched by an early bird customer was a St. John’s knit sweater in mint condition for $5.

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