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Donations to Japan would be helpful

March 18, 2011

I think it is very important that we as a community push to help other nations in their time of need.

As you know, the disaster that Japan has gone through has killed many and in their time of need we should want to help. I think that your newspaper should push us as a community to donate anything we can.

Although we may be a small community, we should try to give as much as possible. The newspaper should push for us to give first aid kits, toiletries, money, canned foods, letters, pens, pencils, and so forth. I am sure by even giving the smallest thing as a pack of pens would help them tremendously.


Many of them have lost their homes, along with the simple necessities that are needed every day. We as a community should give as much as we can, so that when we are in a time of need, people will help us. I’m sure even letters would be nice.

Brian Connor Clark


Mohill was the one who started this mess

First, I'd like to discuss Mike Mohill’s family meet-and-greet on Tuesday (“Council candidate: I’m gay,” March 15).

It's nice that your family likes you, just as I'm sure Councilman John Drayman’s family likes him. As far as you acting like the victim in this mess, you started it — you and your buddies Barry Allen and Herbert Molano.

You have kept up this attack on Drayman for weeks and weeks, so don't act surprised when he finally dished a little dirt your way.

Your insults and insinuations directed at Drayman have gotten very old. If you really think the city would allow him to do the things you have accused him of, take it up with the planning department. I don't recall anything about a stop-work order and I'm sure with all you and Barry’s “detective work,” if there had been any infractions regarding permits, there would have been one ordered.

There are only two candidates worth voting for. One is Drayman, who has proven himself time after time, and with just his presence, has turned this council from Tuesday night fights to Tuesday night discussions — at least among Council members. When my neighborhood was being subjected to 3 1/2 years of construction of the Fairmont Avenue flyover bridge, when it got to the limit of our patience, we would call Drayman, Councilwoman Laura Friedman and the project manager, and things would get better until the next time, so once again, we thank you.

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