A thank you to the community

April 07, 2011

The Board of Education and I would like to thank the Glendale/La Crescent community for their overwhelming support of Measure S. We are extremely grateful to the community for the unwavering endorsement of the Glendale Unified School District.

On a personal note, I would like to thank those of you who participated in the Yes on S campaign. There are too many individuals to thank, but I would like to highlight three individuals who spearheaded the campaign — co-chairs Harry Hull and school board member Mary Boger, and school board President Greg Krikorian. They, along with the Yes on S Committee, did a wonderful job in organizing parents, pupils, staff, community members and business leaders to help in this most important measure for our students.

Measure S will allow the district to continue to modernize campuses, make the essential repairs and upgrades to our schools, and ensure that all of our students have a safe and modern learning environment.


Now that the bond is passed, we are committed as a district to be responsible stewards of the bond monies and provide the very best educational opportunities for our students.

Once again, a very sincere thank you to our community.

Dick Sheehan


Editor’s note: Sheehan is superintendent of the Glendale Unified School District.

Enforce the noise laws

I am writing to raise the issue of vehicle noise in Glendale and the surrounding areas.

My personal sense is that the laws are not being enforced and the violations are steadily increasing.

The other night I visited the Americana at Brand. There were two very loud Harley-Davidson motorcycles cruising around the perimeter — revving their engines while stopped at signals and taching up to very high RPMs before shifting gears.

Then, while walking back to my vehicle, I encountered no less than five SUVs with the windows down, their drivers playing very loud music. This experience was just one random sample on a weeknight, so I am going to assume that my experience is typical now for this area.

In combination with Bee Line buses, MTA buses and helicopters circling overhead, the experience can best be described as less than relaxing.

It appears that the leadership in Glendale is eager to differentiate itself from other nearby cities. Here is a novel idea: Enforce the noise laws. It will send a message to violators that they should avoid making too much noise in Glendale.

It will also be a step toward restoring the public's faith in government.

Greg Hiscott

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