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CV dog park is very much in the works

April 21, 2011

Regarding the April 12 story “Seven months later, wait for CV dog park continues,” the headline is a bit misleading as it implies that the planned dog park at Crescenta Valley Park should have been operational seven months ago.

I would like to clarify that seven months ago was when the Board of Supervisors approved the project and ground breaking was to take place in March 2011. The one-month delay in groundbreaking is unfortunate, but I would like to reiterate the county’s commitment to building a dog park in Crescenta Valley Park.

The Board of Supervisors, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the community of Crescenta Valley are working together to make this much desired dog park a reality in the near future.


Russ Guiney

Los Angeles

Editor’s note: Guiney is director of the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Voting is a right and a responsibility

I was so disconcerted when I read Martik Abramian’s comment about not voting (“Candidates rarely come through,” April 19) because in his opinion, the candidates don't live up to their promises once they are in office.

Maybe this is sometimes the case, but that should not stop citizens from voting. Look at what happened in the recent elections in Glendale. Only about 24% of the registered voters in Glendale voted. Maybe if everyone who was registered to vote actually voted, then the actual candidates who were elected would be who the people wanted and not just 24% of the people.

Many residents of Glendale are people who came to the United States from other countries where they did not have one half of the rights and freedoms that they have here. Shame on anyone who lives in this country and does not vote.

Voting is a right and responsibility of every citizen in this country. People fought and died so that we could vote to elect who we wanted to serve them in office. I understand the frustration that happens when politicians make promises and don't keep all of them. This is not always the case.

Think of the changes that have happened in this country because people voted and certain representatives got elected to office and made those changes happen. Just because everyone that you may personally want elected does not win should not stop the voting process from happening.

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