Small Wonders: A place only mothers could love

May 07, 2011|Patrick Caneday


Can't live with them. Wouldn't exist without them.

Because asexual reproduction works only with certain species of frogs and turkeys.

But beyond the biological oddities and the curious need to take away my drinking glass before I'm done with it, I still can't figure you mothers out.

Seriously. You get one day a year to be pampered and served, given your choice to do anything you desire, and what do you want?


I asked some of you, and here is what I heard back.

Pam's ideal Mother's Day starts with, "Breakfast-in-bed prepared and served by my children."

Then it gets better. "I hope this year they add peace, quiet and respect for their parents ... ALL DAY LONG."

Carol had a similar thought.

"I would like a day of peace. Anything that would contribute to that is good. No pressure, no having to tell anyone else what to do, no sibling fighting, no house cleaning, no running around to do errands. Takeout, eat at Deukmejian Park, and then Netflix works very nicely."

Note to Pam and Carol's husbands: If you can't find an anesthesiologist who makes house calls, try a double dose of recreational Benadryl for the little ones.

"When the girls were growing up," Cheryl told me, "I asked for the same thing each year — the day off to do whatever I wanted. Sometimes that meant them helping me plant flowers, work in the yard, etc. They hated it but did it anyway. Today, in my perfect world, I would love all of us to be together on a bright, sunny day having a picnic, playing games and laughing. It couldn't get much better than that."

Dana added, "The only thing I want for Mother's Day is to spend it with my son, and a card would be nice. Last year we went to Pie & Burger in Pasadena for lunch, then to the Norton Simon Museum and finished the day off with a visit to Descanso Gardens. It was fantastic."

"Time spent with people I love," said Kathi. "To me, a gift is your time doing some serious bonding and communicating. Food, wine and lots of good conversation. "

Chris was straight to the point: "The best is just the presence of my kids!"

You people are sick.

Elizabeth's best Mother's Day ever came on May 10, 1998. "[My son] was born at 3:36 pm. 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. Nothing gets better than that."

Karen says her best ever will be tomorrow. "My son is graduating from college with honors on Mother's Day."

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