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Police should cite errant bicyclists

May 11, 2011

I would like to respond to the anti-Councilman Dave Weaver letter by Scott Lowe (“A cyclist's open letter to Councilman Weaver,” May 3).

I don’t ride a bike in Glendale, but I would like to see the Glendale Police Department enforce the vehicle code on all the adult bicyclists who ignore stop signs and cut off motor vehicles. I suppose these cyclists believe they are saving the planet by riding a bike and feel that they are above the law.

Maybe if these people are ticketed enough, they will finally grow up and act like responsible adults.

Phillip Pilgram


Attacks against Manoukian unwarranted

I have read a letter in your paper unfairly attacking Councilman Rafi Manoukian and his most recent decisions to nominate members of this community to city commissions (“Manoukian's nominees have curious ties,” May 5).


It has been a while since I have written to this paper, but after reading the most recent attacks, I find myself writing this letter to address some of the unfortunate comments.

First, it is apparent that the losers in the race are now attacking Manoukian as they are bitter with their loss. Glendalians know that defeated candidates and their supporters sometimes will throw mud at the winner, but we know the motivation behind their comments and attacks.

Second, I voted for Manoukian because he promised change in the City Council. Manoukian and I have not always agreed on all issues in the past. In fact, we are from different parties. However, I respected his passion for his positions and he has always allowed others with different viewpoints to discuss their visions with him prior to making any decisions.

The City Council voted a few years ago to allow each City Council member to nominate their commission candidates. The council understood that once a candidate is elected to the office by his constituents, he/she has a duty to follow through with his/her promises during the campaign. The most important venue to address that change is in nominating individuals with his same viewpoint to city commissions. Other council members should respect his nominations and not unfairly discount the vote of constituents requesting change in the city.

Citizens of this great city voted for Manoukian and we will continue to support your views. Move ahead without any reservations.

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