A spring to remember

Glendale Community College's unprecedented spring success in tennis, baseball, track and golf has campus buzzing and coaches excited about the future of athletics at the school.

June 02, 2011|By Gabriel Rizk,

GLENDALE — With an athletic history as rich as it is long, Glendale Community College has a lengthy line of state champions and teams and individuals whose efforts and achievements stand the test of time.

The Vaqueros' hall of fame swells a bit more with each annual class of inductees and their well-guarded tradition is carefully passed on through the generations of its alumni and students.

In short, Glendale college has tasted victory in its athletic endeavors before. But never has there been such a simultaneous convergence of success across multiple programs in a single season as there was in the spring semester that recently concluded.


Glendale college Men's Athletic Director John Cicuto and the man who preceded Cicuto as A.D., Jim Sartoris, who served the college as a coach and administrator for over 39 years before retiring in Jan. 2007, have been around to witness firsthand a great deal of what constitutes Glendale college's athletic heritage.

Neither of the two, both of whom also shaped the school's football tradition as players and coaches, have seen anything quite like the epic spring season that was.

"I've been here 36 years and I don't know if we've ever had as much success in our spring sports as we did this year," Cicuto said. "It was just an incredible year for our athletic teams in the spring."

The spring of 2011 was defined by a startling run of invincibility for men's tennis player Alex Sarkissian, an accelerated renaissance for the recently reestablished men's golf team in its ascension to the state playoffs, the finest season ever for the baseball program and the sustained excellence of the women's track program, marked by the amazing performance of double state-champion Karen Rosas.

"It's been a spectacular spring and a special year for Glendale Community College," veteran Vaqueros men's tennis Coach Bob Mackay said. "I don't think we've ever had one quite like this before."

And it all culminated in a dizzying seven-day span in May that saw Glendale college compete for state championships in four different sports and capture the top prize in two.

"I really can't," Sartoris said when asked to recall a season that compared to the most recent spring. "I think this spring was outstanding as far as the accomplishment and it's really a credit to the kids and the coaches, they did a fabulous job. I can't remember a better spring as far as winning and playing the game the way they did."

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