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Martirosyan rallies for TKO in 7th

June 05, 2011|By Edgar Melik-Stepanyan

LOS ANGELES - He was knocked down in the first round, bloodied in the second round, bruised under both eyes by the fifth round and seemed finished in the seventh.

Despite looking beaten and battered a minute into the seventh round, Vanes “Nightmare” Martirosyan remained determined and resilient to fend off the first loss in his burgeoning boxing career.

In a tremendous show of perseverance and grit, Martirosyan stopped Saul Roman 2:58 into the seventh round with a technical knockout to earn the World Boxing Council Silver junior middleweight title.


“I’m blessed,” the Glendale fighter said. “We did it. This has been a long time coming.”

The 154-pound contender remained undefeated, improving to 30-0 with 19 knockouts despite the best efforts of the game Roman (34-9, 29 KOs).

Roman displayed his power in the first round, catching Martirosyan with a left hook that sent the former Olympian to the canvas.

“I told him, forget about the first round, start boxing this kid and you’ll catch him,” said Edmond Tarverdyan, Martirosyan’s lead trainer for the fight. “You want to be a great fighter, you want to be a champion, you have to forget about the first round and he got stronger in the second round. He did exactly what I wanted him to do.

“I told him not to trade hooks with this guy and that’s exactly what he did. He traded a hook with him and he got caught with a hook. The guy has heavy hands, but Vanes punches way harder. I told him not to gamble.”

Martirosyan kept chasing Roman in the following rounds, using his jab to set up quick rights. But Roman countered, bloodying Martirosyan’s nose in the second round and opening a cut under his right eye in the third.

“I’m happy the cut wasn’t above my eye,” Martirosyan said. “He was landing his punches and the head butt a lot. It was very frustrating because each time he kept coming at me with his head.”

Added Tarverdyan: “All of [those things] are going to happen. He has to stay more focused and he will start getting more focused after this fight because he knows now he can take some shots and even when he gets down, God forbid, he’s going to get up and finish fights. He will learn. Everything will happen in boxing. If you lose your head, the guy might be doing that intentionally, you’re going to lose the fight.”

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