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Tobacco and candy at the post office

October 04, 2011|By Katherine Yamada

In 1932, Green supported John S. McGroarty’s election to Congress and later McGroarty recommended him for the postmaster job.

Green was appointed temporary postmaster on February 26, 1935, learning of his designation from an article in the Los Angeles Times dated that morning. He took office in August, after signing an oath of office and mailing the document off to Washington D.C., and received his commission from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was given the oath of office by Mrs. A. J. Schoen, who had been his private secretary for 12 years.

The East Broadway post office was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

Readers Write:

In connection with Verdugo Views, September 7, 2011, Stuart Byles, of the Stonebarn Vineyard Conservancy, wrote, “Deukmejian Wilderness Park still has a vineyard that is producing grapes, with wine being made from them. When the City of Glendale remodeled the Park in 2004, they planted a commemorative vineyard of nearly 80 vines in front of the great stone barn to celebrate the wine-making history of the LeMesnager family and the Crescenta Valley.’’


The Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley was asked to maintain the vineyard and, in response, formed the Conservancy. The vineyard is in its fifth vintage year.


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