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Unclassified Info: Thanks for taking part in the debate

October 17, 2011

What do I have in common with a growing list of authors that include Salman Rushdie, Lemony Snicket, Gloria Steinem and Alice Walker? If you said we’re regulars at Mario’s deli, you’d be wrong. Except in my case, where you would have nailed it.

The correct answer is we are part of a rapidly growing list of writer types who are represented on, a simple online petition that supports the Occupy Wall Street movement that’s spreading around the world.

As social media, biased news stations and video games vaporize society’s mindshare and intellect, I would like to think there are two groups of people, writers and readers, who must carry the torch of intelligent debate and keep it from twittering out altogether.


While I can’t speak for the other writers, it is my hope that supporting the Occupy Movement will help advance much needed change. Without delving into specific agendas of either political party, I think we can all agree there is much to improve and we all need to work together to get something done.

Perhaps this is why there are people protesting on four continents, donations are starting to pour in and even the White House is publicly commenting.

Agree with us or not, a writer’s job is to express ideas, thoughts and theories. But without readers, those insights are nothing more than ink on paper.

I have said this before and I will continue to maintain, as a general rule, those of you who pick up this paper or any other publication are more invested in critical thought than much of society. Whether you agree or oppose the Occupy Movement is not as important as taking part in the advancement of healthy debate.

To that end, I am most grateful to the readers who sent me passionate and thought-provoking letters in response to last week’s litany of complaints I piled onto this growing political amoeba. I didn’t agree with all of them, but I appreciate the effort it took to respond either way.

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