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Sartoris takes rightful place within GCC hall

March 12, 2012|By Edgar Melik-Stepanyan, Special to the News-Press

NORTHEAST GLENDALE — For 10 years, one Glendale College Athletic Hall of Fame inductee after another pointedly thanked Jim Sartoris for not only his service at the school, but for shaping past Vaquero athletes into venerable men and women.

At the school's 11th annual hall of fame banquet and induction ceremony on Saturday, it was Sartoris' turn to do the thanking.

"Whatever success I had, it was all due to other people," the esteemed coach, athletic director and mentor said.

Sartoris highlighted the college's 2012 induction class, finally accepting his place among other Vaquero greats after refusing to be recognized for 10 years. Tove Berg, Chet Williams, Dale Logie, Colonel James D. McGinley and the college's 2002 baseball team joined Sartoris in the class.


"I didn't want to be inducted because there are so many great athletes and contributors here," Sartoris said. "I thought it was important to recognize them."

The 2012 inductees thanked Sartoris, too.

"Jim's strengths are his values and his ethics," said Logie, who was honored for his outstanding athletic achievement. "He's a real person. He's not just into you because you were a good football player. He wants to give you values."

Added Harry Hull, the chairman of the athletic hall of fame: "Jim is one of the icons of Glendale college. He's touched the lives of so many student-athletes. He deserves to be in this class. The hall of fame couldn't exist without his support and backing."

Sartoris spent more than 40 years at Glendale college, first as a student-athlete, then as the head football coach, then as the athletic director before retiring in 2006.

A year prior, the newly refurbished track and field was named "Sartoris Field," in his honor. Since retiring, he has volunteered countless hours at the school and served as a mentor to current Vaquero Athletic Director John Cicuto.

"He is the most deserving person in our hall of fame," Cicuto said. "It's a long time coming.

"He epitomizes what the program is all about."

The Vaquero athletic program has produced superb athletes who have excelled on the field and made an indelible mark in their community and country.

McGinley, an All-Western State Conference water polo goalkeeper for the Vaqueros from 1977-79, was honored for his pillar of achievement for his service to his country.

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