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Unclassified Info: He's still got a few bones to pick

August 09, 2012|By Gary Huerta

I have some good news for my haters. As of this time next month, you will no longer have to suffer through my liberal rants. That's right, Aug. 31 will be the last day I write for this paper.

It's been a great three-year run and I've enjoyed the experience tremendously. As it was explained to me, the end of this column is simply part of a change being made by the Glendale News-Press to cover different local topics.

While it was unexpected, I have no feelings other than gratitude. Change is a good thing. It is never to be feared, mostly because it is inevitable. And if that change benefits you readers, then I am all for it.


So why not wait until my final column to say goodbye? I know myself too well. I'd have obsessed over my departure for the last month and it could have had a negative effect on the column. I also have a big mouth and news of my departure was going to get out anyway.

Bidding adieu this week gives me the chance to scoop this story and have some real fun for the next few weeks by focusing on what I like to do — inviting thoughtful debate.

My goal from the beginning was to deliver commentary and opinions that would cultivate debate and discussion. My task was not to write something that every one in our community would agree with. I felt it was more important to speak honestly about topics that impacted us as individuals, as a community, as a nation and as part of the human race.

On a local level, I am pleased to have put a spotlight on individuals in our community whose lives benefited from a little media attention. My all-time favorite was helping Escott Norton resolve an overbilling issue with Glendale Water & Power after the utility refused to admit that its meter had overcharged him by several thousand dollars.

I ranted and raved about texting and driving from the beginning — long before the phone companies and others found it fashionable. I've tried to regularly remind all to drive with greater consideration, mostly because we are recognized as being among the worst drivers in the nation.

I'd love for that to change.

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