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Unclassified Info: Are you there God? It's me, Gary

August 16, 2012|By Gary Huerta

Dear God,

You're probably wondering why I never reach out to you. Come to think of it, being divine and all, I'm sure you know the truth. I've been distant because of the image your more devout followers have painted.

No offense, God, but those at the top of your command have made you out to be pretty closed-minded. If I am to believe those who claim to be closest to you — I'm talking about the gang in the funny hats and robes — you have no tolerance for alternative lifestyles, and you love doling out eternal penalties for making mistakes.


Let's face facts: If being loved by you and gaining admission into your heaven relies on my worshiping you, I'd say there might be an ego problem.

Seriously, if you were a guy at Starbucks, I'd most likely go out of my way to avoid you. Sadly, this is the God many have made you out to be — someone I'd rather not speak to.

Personally speaking, I don't believe for one minute that is the real you. You are not prejudiced, vengeful, petty and exclusive. Those are the failings of man. Ironically, we seem prone to project our worst traits onto you.

I think the real you is an absolute divine being, incapable of prejudice and hatred. You love our contrasting ways and celebrate our differences. This is the version of you I communicate with.

Unfortunately, the negative projections have made you quite real — so real that your most ardent followers blindly follow that image, regardless of whether it is right or wrong by most other standards. They hate, and often kill, in your name.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that other religions do the same in the name of their gods, but I've never personally spoken to them, so I'm writing you first. I suppose if I don't hear back, I'll see if I can get hold of the Mormon God, although I'm not exactly sure where to find him. He hangs on a planet near a star called Kolab, right?

So why reach out to you now? Because your followers are facilitating an incongruous and perilous situation down here. This little planet you created is about to reach capacity. We will soon have 7 billion people walking around, looking for food, water and shelter.

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