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Dance-a-thon benefits families of domestic violence

November 28, 2012|By Joyce Rudolph
  • Glendale Ticktockers from the Class of 2016 who attended the Dance-A-Thon at the Glendale YWCA were, from left, Mary Kalfayan, Gabriella Lopez and Ella Gmelich.
Glendale Ticktockers from the Class of 2016 who attended… (Photo courtesy…)

The National Charity League Ticktocker Class of 2016 raised $1,500 from a dance-a-thon held on Sunday afternoon in the YWCA's gymnasium.

Charity League is a mother-daughter charitable organization. The dance-a-thon brought together 22 ninth-graders and 12 mothers for the two-hour event, said Ticktocker Gillian Chuck, 14, vice president of philanthropy for the Glendale chapter.

The Ticktockers chose 20 songs to dance to and asked friends and family to sponsor them for each dance completed, said Gillian's mother Gabriel Chuck. Everyone was having such a good time that no one sat out of any of the dances, the women said.

The ninth-grade Ticktocker group will use the funds raised for the YWCA’s Adopt a Family program, providing gift baskets for women and children in the YWCA’s Domestic Violence program. The Ticktockers will be filling the baskets at a meeting on Dec. 9 as well as writing greeting cards with personalized messages to the families, Gillian said.


Charity League supports the YWCA as well as other local charities. This year the Class of 2016 has made the YWCA its main philanthropy. The ninth-grade Ticktockers volunteered 646 hours this summer as camp counselors during YWCA of Glendale Summer Camp.

This was the first time the Ticktockers had a dance-a-thon, Gillian said.

In the past, the Ticktockers had been participating in the holiday party with the families in the Domestic Violence program, but YWCA officials wanted to protect the anonymity of the families, so the Ticktockers came up with the dance-a-thon to raise funds to purchase items for the holiday baskets.

“I thought it was innovative way to raise money,” Gabriel Chuck said. “It was definitely a lesson in flexibility, coming up with a new approach. They learned taking responsibility and leadership in pulling off an event. And part of the learning experience is that some people don't have money for gifts.”

Each year, the YWCA of Glendale runs an Adopt a Family program to provide holiday gifts and necessities to the most underserved and underprivileged women and children it serves, said Lisa Raggio, senior director, Community Services, Development and Communications.

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