Parents of CV High student who jumped to death on campus sue Glendale Unified

January 08, 2013|By Kelly Corrigan,
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The parents of a 15-year-old Crescenta Valley High School student who jumped to his death on campus last year have filed a lawsuit alleging district officials turned a “blind eye” to the bullying that they allege prompted their son to take his own life.

On Feb. 10, Drew Ferraro jumped to his death from a third-story building at the school in front of other students. Not long into the ensuing investigation, a Los Angeles County coroner’s official said Drew did not reference bullying in any of the “very telling” four suicide notes found on his body.

“They didn’t mention anything about being abused or being bullied,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina said at the time. “He gave a different reason for doing what he did.”

But Drew’s parents, John and Deana Ferraro, countered that bullying was a major factor in Drew’s suicide. In their lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in December, the parents claim that beginning in his freshman year, Drew was bullied “because of his small size, demeanor and style” and “harassed for his attitude toward girls.”


They also allege school officials did not “attempt to create a safer environment within which Drew could learn and evolve.”

On Tuesday, the family’s attorney, Stanley Lieber, declined to disclose the content of the four letters.

“They were intended for the people they were addressed to. They weren’t for the public,” Lieber said, adding that John and Deana Ferraro will keep the letters private “as [Drew] intended.”

“All he discussed was the pain he was going through,” Lieber said.

In August, the school district rejected a claim containing similar allegations of inadequate responses to the alleged bullying. But Glendale Unified Supt. Dick Sheehan on Tuesday said he could not comment on pending litigation.

The lawsuit described the alleged bullying and back-and-forth between Drew’s parents and school officials about how to deal with the issue.

In one incident, Drew was “spat on, physically pushed and slapped on the back,” according to the lawsuit.

Following the incident, Drew’s father and sister each filed harassment reports, with his sister “complaining about the harassment of her brother, as well as herself due to their association,” according to the lawsuit.

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