Glendale City Council candidates explain why they should be elected

April 01, 2013

The 12 candidates vying for three seats on the Glendale City Council outline what makes them the best choice.

Jefferson Black
What City Hall needs is a diplomatic problem-solver. I’m open-minded, willing to listen to both sides of every issue. I’m unbiased, owing zero political favors to any group or union.

I’ll serve with integrity in the most effective manner possible, tackling every problem head-on, always considering Glendale’s best interests as a whole.


I’m compassionate but unafraid to fight for what’s right — not just for today, but for Glendale’s future. I’ll evaluate how any council decision may impact the city down the road.

Let’s “Vote4Jefferson” and make Glendale an amazing place to live, work and play.

Rick Barnes
When the time comes to consider your taxes, utility costs and permit fees, I will ensure that the City Council first consider if we’ve done all we could to allow business to flourish without undue restrictions and regulations; whether we’ve done all possible to attract businesses that generate tax revenues so our residents don’t bear such a heavy burden.

I want to represent you on a council that embodies accountability, common sense and transparency.

Edith Fuentes
I deeply care for this city and everyone in this community. I have more than 30 years of hands-on city management and administrative experience, 20 years of which was inside Glendale.

I am that candidate who knows where the problems are and what solutions are needed, and I am up to the challenge. Again, what matters to you is important to me, and what's important to you matters to me.

It is time that I fight for this community to give back its voice, dignity and respect. I want the best for Glendale. Please vote for Fuentes on your ballots.

Laura Friedman
I have proved that fiscal responsibility is my top priority. I voted to reduce salaries and negotiated for employees to pay a higher share toward pensions. I helped downsize the city workforce and reform pensions by raising retirement ages and lowering payouts for new employees.
Despite the recession, Glendale is fiscally sound. We have maintained excellent service levels, added new parks and improved infrastructure.
I led the transformation of the San Fernando Corridor into a business and job engine for Glendale. I play a key role in promoting traffic safety, furthering historic preservation and protecting our hillsides and open spaces.

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