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Dining Review: A Favorite Place for lunch in Glendale

Refined Mediterranean flavors in an elegant, romantic setting.

June 11, 2013|By Lisa Dupuy
  • The main course of assorted sandwiches from the Friendship Luncheon lunch option at Favorite Place in Glendale on Thursday, June 6, 2013.
The main course of assorted sandwiches from the Friendship… (Tim Berger / Staff…)

Favorite Place restaurant is a kind of wonderful enigma. Is it an elegant tea room or is it a quaint lunch place? Is it a spot for finger food or hearty sandwiches? The answer is, it is both. Plus, it is completely unique.

Favorite Place, nestled among little storefronts down a side street off Brand Boulevard in downtown Glendale, has been a not-so-secret secret to customers for years. Signs in the window boast multiple Best of Glendale awards, mainly for Most Romantic Restaurant. It is romantic in the way that flowers are romantic, but I wouldn't come here to play footsie with my sweetheart. Teacups, bows and flower petals are the decor items of choice, making it a charming haven for groups of women, a gentile spot for a business lunch, or a special destination for a couple's afternoon rendezvous.

Recently the restaurant changed ownership; but regulars, fear not. The atmosphere and refined flavors are the same, just polished up a bit. The service is gracious, though a tad slow. For instance, every time I wanted a hot tea refill, I had to flag down the waiter. It was a little surprising that instead of a teapot being brought to the table, my cup would disappear for a minute and come back full. Still, it was delicious house tea. My husband had numerous refills of Favorite Place's famous rosewater lemonade. They now serve a "secret" blackberry lemonade too.


We started with salads. The house salad looked simple enough with its field greens, chopped tomatoes and toasted sesame seed. But once I took that first bite I was smitten and couldn't stop eating until the last bit of sesame dressing was mopped up with the accompanying French bread. My lunch mate really enjoyed his "My Favorite Salad" ($15), a healthy blend of steamed beets, greens, apples, dried cranberries, almonds and feta with a pomegranate dressing.

I ordered the friendship luncheon ($28), which comes with the above-mentioned salad, tea and dessert. With all the flowery plates and botanical prints around, we fully expected postage-stamp-sized squares of white bread with cucumbers or tuna inside. Instead a three-tiered, internationally inspired creation arrived with five thick sandwiches, each more delicious and unique than the last.

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