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Letter:'s actions are uncharitable

October 11, 2013
  • Protesters gather and begin to walk in protest in front of in Glendale, protesting the closing of 12 Oaks Lodge in La Crescenta on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. Nearly 125 people protested in front of the Glendale business.
Protesters gather and begin to walk in protest in front… (Tim Berger / Staff…)

In response to the rash of reactions recently to the closing of Twelve Oaks Lodge and the recent letter by Ray Shelton in support of its closing by the for essentially profit reasons, we are reminded of the biblical account of the good Samaritan who, seeing a needy person on the side of the road, stops to help him and pays for his care afterward. What a waste of the Samaritan’s time and resources!

Our understanding of the Twelve Oaks history is that its property has essentially been derived from charitable sources and it seems that it should continue on that basis into the future.

We have, as volunteers, been involved in the leadership of a weekly worship service for a number of residents at the home for almost 15 years. This has been a most memorable service for us, and we have greatly enjoyed getting to know the residents. Our hearts are broken over the pain of sudden relocation and drastic changes for our dear friends.


We strongly feel that another more caring way should be found to resolve the’s seemingly uncharitable concerns than to abruptly displace so many wonderful elderly people late in their lives.

Jerry and Gloria Staudenmeir
La Crescenta

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