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Crescenta Valley High football, Hoover show example of good sportsmanship

Falcons Coach Paul Schilling receives thoughtful email from Hoover player following Pacific League game.

October 29, 2013|By Charles Rich,

GLENDALE — The Glendale YMCA Quarterback Club, in its 71st year, meets Tuesdays at the Elk's Lodge. The following are odds and ends from the eighth meeting of the year.


A day following Crescenta Valley High’s 56-16 Pacific League win against Hoover on Friday at Glendale High’s Moyse Field, Crescenta Valley Coach Paul Schilling checked his emails and came across one sent by Hoover senior wide receiver/linebacker Alvin Kim.

In the note, Kim introduced himself and praised Schilling for comments Schilling made in a Glendale News-Press article that appeared Oct. 24 previewing the contest.


In the article, Schilling said: “The thing that stands out about them is those kids, I’ve seen them live a couple times and watching them on film, [Hoover first-year Coach Matt Andersen] has got those kids playing real hard. Momentum is the key because they already play really hard and work really hard.”

Kim took those words to heart while emailing Schilling.

“Last night’s game was my 30th at Hoover. Out of the past 30 games, I won six and lost 24. It sucks to lose, but stepping on the field knowing that my team is outnumbered and outmatched skill-wise sucks even more. My freshman year, my team started with 30-plus kids on the team. Out of those 30-plus, only four of us, including myself, continued playing throughout all four years. We are not the best team in the league when it comes to skills, but I always thought we had the heart to compete. The heart to continue moving our legs when down by 20, 30 and many times over 40. Coach Andersen always stresses the word respect and Hoover’s goal is to earn respect this season. You are the first one who gave us that respect no one gave us in years. Your humble words inspired me.”

Schilling, whose team is 7-1, 5-0 in league, said Kim showed sportsmanship.

“It’s easy to win and love the game, but a kid like this and coaches like Coach Andersen truly love the game,” Schilling said. “To hear from a kid like this really makes us all feel like we are in good hands with our future leaders.”


Through eight weeks, St. Francis is undefeated at 8-0, 5-0 in the Mission League. The Golden Knights will face their stiffest test when they meet host Gardena Serra (8-0, 5-0) in a showdown for first place in league at 7 p.m. Friday at Serra.

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