Vanes Martirosyan comes up short against Demetrius Andrade in first bid for world title

Boxing: Glendale's Martirosyan loses split decision to fellow Olympian in WBO junior middleweight championship.

November 09, 2013|By Grant Gordon,

Ahead of his long-waited and first-ever world championship opportunity, Vanes “Nightmare” Martirosyan said he would pressure opponent Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade.

Pressure might have been the game plan, but it was Andrade who dictated the tempo as the far more active fighter on Saturday night, pumping his right jab and using his range and activity to take a split decision over Glendale’s Martirosyan at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX. as part of an “HBO Boxing” triple header.

Andrade won on two cards, 114-113 and 117-110, while Martirosyan won on another, 115-112. The card for Martirosyan was almost unanimously panned by the media.


It was the first defeat in the career of Martirosyan (33-1-1, 21 knockouts), a 2004 United States Olympian, while Andrade, a 2008 Olympian, remained undefeated (20-1, 13 KOs) in picking up his first world title in his first try.

Martirosyan, 27, landed a perfectly-timed counter left hook that sent Andrade, 25, to the canvas in the first round. However, Martirosyan seemed to be looking for the counter throughout and though he often showed he was the more powerful puncher, his biggest showcase was that of his sturdy chin, as Andrade tested it often.

Final punch stat numbers weighed heavily in favor of Andrade, who landed 219 of 769 punches thrown, while Martirosyan countered by going 97 of 443.

The two exchanged in a heated shoving match on Friday at weigh-ins and bad blood was seen at the onset, with Andrade not even facing Martirosyan during fighter instructions and the referee forcing them to touch gloves.

Andrade, a southpaw, came out more aggressive and using his length well and working off a jab and landing some solid left crosses, while Martirosyan was forced to counter.

Martirosyan countered emphatically on an Andrade left with a perfect left of his own that put Andrade down for the first time in his career in the first round. Shortly thereafter, Martirosyan landed another solid right hand to solidify a 10-8 round for Martirosyan that he’d been losing. In all, Martirosyan landed just four punches in the round, but it was enough to do the damage.

Andrade came on strong in the second though, wobbling Martirosyan with an uppercut inside the first minute. Martirosyan landed a few good punches late in the round, but Andrade was far more active.

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