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Letter: Exploitation is as exploitation does

November 12, 2013
  • Meatball, the famed Glendale bear who rummaged through trash cans before being transported to an animal sanctuary in San Diego in August, has been sharing a portion of an outdoor habitat with four other bears as he awaits construction on his new home.
Meatball, the famed Glendale bear who rummaged through… (Courtesy of Lions,…)

I had to chuckle after reading Sunday's article titled “Sanctuary banishes Meatball's biggest fan.” It appears the San Diego Sanctuary wants the rights to Meatball's name because they want to protect animals, Meatball, from “exploitation.”

I venture to guess Meatball is pretty happy his name was “exploited” after he was captured for the third time. Otherwise, he would have ended up as someone's living room rug!

It is glaringly clear the founder of the sanctuary, Bobbi Brink, realizes there is a book deal in the works starring Meatball and also the Glendale Rose Parade float will display Meatball in his garbage can that will be seen by millions of people. Maybe Brink thinks Meatball will become the next Winnie the Pooh, and cash in.

I congratulate Sarah Aujero in her efforts to save Meatball and encourage her to keep up the good work. Brink and her sanctuary are a perfect example of greed at its best. By the way, I wonder how Brink's sanctuary came up with their original name, “Lions, Tigers and Bears”? Oh my.


Jerry Uebel

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