Start the Presses: An invitation to join the community

December 14, 2013|By Dan Evans,
  • Dan Evans, Editor, Times Community News. Photographed on Tuesday , August 13, 2013.
Dan Evans, Editor, Times Community News. Photographed… (Roger Wilson / Staff…)

After half a dozen fits and starts, I'm happy to announce we are finally beginning our Community Advisory Boards.

It's been so long since I've written about this that many of you may not even remember what this board is supposed to be or what it's supposed to do. In a nutshell, I'm looking for locals to weigh in on the direction of the papers, both in print and online.

This group of between 12 to 15 men and women would meet on a quarterly basis to provide feedback on three main topics:

  • what the paper is doing well;

  • how the paper could improve; and

  • what the board would like to see in the future.
The board for the Glendale News-Press will have its first meeting in February, while the board for the Burbank Leader will convene in March. The exact times and dates will be determined once we have the membership set to make it convenient as possible for all involved.


Why are we doing this? Honestly, because I believe the papers are a community trust, and receiving this type of feedback allows me to create a publication that locals trust above all others. Additionally, I find it invigorating to discuss journalism with people that are as passionate about the subject — and their cities — as I am.

This coming April will make my fifth anniversary with the papers. A lot has changed since then, much for the better. But perhaps not all, and as I've said many times, there are few changes we make here that are irreversible. Taking the time to improve things, to refuse to do something simply because we always have, carries risk.

But I want to be more deliberate and more intelligent with that risk. This is the major reason why I want the community's input. There is no formal application, but if you're interested, please send me an email at with the following information:

  • name and occupation;

  • how long you've lived in Glendale or Burbank;

  • how often you read the paper; and

  • the method you read it (that is, in print, online or with a mobile device).
I look forward to hearing from you.

On a related note, I want to talk about a few things we have planned for the New Year. First, I want to thank everyone for being patient with our new calendar system. The self-serve system has been extremely helpful for us in the newsroom, and it appears it's a good thing for the community as well.

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