Crime rate rose slightly in Glendale last year

Overall rate increased for first time in four years

January 14, 2014

For the first time in four years, the overall crime rate increased slightly in Glendale last year, with a spike in the number of property offenses.

While violent crimes — which includes homicides, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults — remained low last year, property crimes jumped, which pushed up the overall crime rate by 3% from 2012.

Increases in the number of break-ins, auto burglaries and petty thefts drove up property crimes by 5%, according to the Glendale Police Department’s 2013 crime statistics, which were released Tuesday.


Petty thefts jumped 10% from 2012, while auto thefts increased by 3.9% and burglaries rose 9%

The category also saw decreases in the number of reported arsons as well as auto and grand thefts.

Violent crime dropped 22% from 2012 even though, last year, the city had its the first homicide since 2009.

The Police Department also recorded a slight increase in the number of reported rapes. Last year, eight rapes were reported, which was up by two from 2012.

Police saw a 30.5% decrease in robberies and a 17.6% drop in the number of reported aggravated assaults.

Part II offenses, such as fraud, sex offenses, vandalism and drug and weapons violations, dropped by 1.3%.

-- Veronica Rocha,

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