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Chili with a side of brotherly love

David Brothers Chili Parlor, open weekdays, offers a compact menu.

January 25, 2014|By Richard Horgan

If all goes well, the brothers said, there might soon be a second location or, even better, a companion food truck. The latter expansion route seems like a natural, logical way to go, they said, given the hearty, simple menu.

The only sad tale the brother can relate about the shop is that their favorite regular customer, Sam, an older gentleman and musician, moved to northern California to be with his daughter as well as be closer to a day job organizing local rodeos.

“He was great,” Eric David recalled. “He was sort of our champion, our big cheerleader in the beginning.”

Although the Chili Parlor did experiment initially with being open on weekends, it just wasn't busy enough.

“Our chili is all fresh tomatoes, stewed down,” said Judd David. “No cans. It's all good stuff, and the beef is grass-fed beef.”



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