Vanes Martirosyan moving forward 100%

Boxing: With new trainer, promoter, Glendale boxer moves forward in preparation for March 21 ESPN2 bout.

March 12, 2014|By Edgar Melik-Stepanyan
  • With trainer Joe Goosen keeping a close watch at right, boxer Vanes Martirosyan trains at Ten Goose Boxing gym in Van Nuys on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 as he prepares for an upcoming fight.
With trainer Joe Goosen keeping a close watch at right,… (Raul Roa / Staff…)

VAN NUYS — Sitting on a chair, just outside his new “home,” Vanes Martirosyan reflected on his past, his dedication to boxing and his future as a possible champion.

Seven times while sitting down and answering questions from reporters during Tuesday’s media session at Ten Goose Boxing Gym, the Glendale resident talked about giving “100%.”

He mentioned his stint with Top Rank Promotions, which included 32 consecutive wins that started his career, but ended shortly after Demetrius Andrade handed Martirosyan a decision loss in November in the local’s first-ever world championship opportunity.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “It was the first time in my life feeling a defeat, going home, being depressed. You never want to feel that feeling ever again as a fighter, especially when you know you didn’t give 100%. It hurts even more. If I had given 100% and lost, I would understand. But when you know you could’ve done something and you didn’t, that’s what hurts the most.”


Martirosyan, who was trained by Freddie Roach leading up to the Andrade fight, learned several valuable lessons from the loss.

“Everything needs to be 100%, with the trainers, with the coaches,” Martirosyan said. “My main trainer was not there with me. I had one of my sparring partners who I was sparring with in my corner. We didn’t have a 100% camp for that fighter, either.

“[Roach] wasn’t there. Every time I had a fight, [Roach’s other fighters, Manny] Pacquiao had a fight, [Miguel] Cotto had a fight.”

Ten days ahead of his March 21 main event bout against Mario Alberto Lozano on ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights,” Martirosyan spoke about his new home, fighting under Goossen Tutor Promotions.

“I feel like for the first time, everybody is 100% dedicated to me,” Martirosyan said. “My trainer is 100% dedicated to me. Everything is 100%. That’s what I love.

“[Promoter] Dan [Goossen] is always here. [Trainer] Joe [Goossen] is here. Everybody is here. Whatever I need, they’re here. I’m home.”

Martirosyan’s fight against Lozano, which is scheduled for 10 rounds at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa in Cabazon, will be a statement fight, Dan Goossen said. Every fight will be a statement fight for Martirosyan, he added.

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