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Drayman on the hook for outstanding debt

The convicted former councilman's finances will affect restitution payments.

April 18, 2014|By Brittany Levine | By Brittany Levine
  • The condo where former Glendale mayor and convicted felon John Drayman lives on Stancrest Dr. in Montrose, on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, where he will serve the remainder of his sentence after eight days in jail.
The condo where former Glendale mayor and convicted felon… (Raul Roa / Staff…)

When former Councilman John Drayman begins his five years of probation, expected to begin next month, the first meetings he has with the Los Angeles County Probation Office will include a thorough review of his assets and liabilities to determine how much he will pay monthly toward his $319,000 in restitution.

"They look at everything," said Reaver Bingham, deputy chief of field services at Los Angeles County Probation Department, referring to the general process for the financial evaluations. "They do a thorough analysis."

Drayman, who embezzled from a Montrose farmer's market, filed false state tax returns and committed perjury, has amassed $134,000 in debts since 2011, according to a review of publicly available property records and interviews with those connected to the debts.

In addition, he also has received three loans, backed by his Montrose condominium, totaling $395,000, since his family transferred the property to him in 2006.

Drayman was sentenced earlier this month to pay about $305,000 in restitution to the business group that organizes the market, the Montrose Shopping Park Assn., and roughly $14,000 to the California Franchise Tax Board, which collects state income tax. Authorities say he stole at least $304,000 from the farmer's market over seven years.


His outstanding debt includes unpaid federal taxes, interest and penalties of about $19,000, a $15,000 settlement from a previous, unrelated civil lawsuit and a $100,000 loan he accepted from a private lender to pay for condominium renovations.

The Internal Revenue Service filed the lien against Drayman's condominium in July 2013, according to Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder records. IRS Spokeswoman Anabel Marquez said due to agency policy she could not disclose if the lien was related to the embezzlement. The Franchise Tax Board restitution is related to the scheme.

Deputy District Atty. Susan Schwartz, who represented the prosecution during Drayman's criminal proceedings, said she did not know the cause of the federal tax lien, but was doubtful it was related to the embezzlement.

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