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May 16, 2001
Alex Coolman GLENDALE -- City Councilman Dave Weaver will appear on this week's episode of "Issues and People," which will focus on the Glendale Humane Society. Weaver is the host of "Weaver's Dog House" which often features Humane Society dogs available for adoption. The "Issues and People" program will give viewers a chance to ask questions either about the "Dog House" program or about the Humane Society. Also appearing on the show will be Glendale Humane Society Executive Director Leslie Eppick, Humane Society Animal Control Officer Rick Nazari and Humane Society foster parent Marlene Roth.
January 23, 2003
Assemblyman Dario Frommer (D-Glendale) will be a guest on the "Larry Zarian Forum" at 7 p.m. today. Frommer will discuss the state budget shortfall and how Gov. Gray Davis' budget proposal could affect the city of Glendale. Davis has proposed collecting money from local redevelopment coffers and funds cities receive through state vehicle-license fees. Frommer will also give his take on local issues, including what role he played in the city's purchase of the Oakmont View V property, during the show.
April 17, 2002
Well, well, well, the folks at Charter Communications must be staying awake nights thinking of ways to scam the public! Months ago, we were all encouraged to change our service to digital, since the industry was headed in that direction anyway. And a promotion offered by the company made it all that more attractive. However, they neglected to mention there would a later increase in the cost of the existing digital receivers of approximately $4.86 per month.
August 7, 2002
Charles Rich The television tubes are ready to heat up. They might get a bit warmer provided Charter Communications channel 25 can quickly drum up some sponsorship to aid the Glendale Senior Softball All-Star squad's appearances today in the championship games of the Western Regional Tournament in Butte, Mont. Glendale, which won the 2001 World Series in the 15- and 16-year-old division, will begin the championship series -- which will be contested under a best-of-three format -- at 9 and 11:30 a.m. PDT today at Jim Scown Field at the Northwest Little League Complex.
November 17, 2003
Robert Chacon With its franchise agreement with Charter Communications expired, La Canada Flintridge city officials are reviewing the company's performance in hopes of gaining leverage when renewal negotiations begin. At tonight's meeting, the City Council will discuss allocating $8,000 to hire a consultant to survey residents and perform other studies about the company. The city has maintained an agreement with Charter Communications since 1994 for the east side of the city, and since 1999 for its west side.
September 26, 2003
2When Vrej Agajanian sent a letter to members of the Glendale City Council back in March, offering four proposals to accommodate the Armenian Society of Los Angeles' headquarters with the incoming Town Center, he never expected the firestorm that followed. The city accepted Agajanian's fourth proposal, in which the city bought the ASLA's headquarters on Brand Boulevard for $5 million, and gave the society land on Louise Street to build a new headquarters.
June 18, 2001
Tom Belcher I read with great interest and dismay the News-Press editorial of June 1 ("Cable rate hike points up lack of competition") regarding our -- Charter Communications' -- pricing and purported lack of competition. The News-Press began its comments by stating, "sure, electricity and gasoline prices have seen big jumps in recent months. But who would have thought the cost of watching TV could climb so fast?" The editorial goes on to surmise that our price increase in June can be attributed to a lack of competition.
September 21, 2000
Claudia Peschiutta GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE -- Register to vote -- elsewhere, for now. Charter Communications and MTV kicked-off a five-day local voter registration drive at the campus on Wednesday. There were several goodies to entice students to visit the booth -- free pins and bumper stickers and a raffle for caps, T-shirts and a $500 gift certificate for the Media City Center in Burbank. The only thing missing were the registration forms. "It's kind of ironic because most of the people who have come up have already registered and that's a good thing," said Monica Dozier, an MTV representative.
March 6, 2002
To Charter Communications: If I were, indeed, a "Valued Charter Communications Customer," as you wrote to me in my last bill, your company would not treat me as it has over the past few years. I never asked for, and you didn't ask me if I wanted, what you term "upgrades" to your system, the digital system, the extra channels, the interactive channels, your video-on-demand. I don't want any of it and I don't want to pay for it. Nor do I want to pay for the dozens and dozens of marketing pieces I've received in the mail from Charter.
By Tania Chatila | April 22, 2006
GLENDALE ? A Glendale man is suing his former employer, Charter Communications, over three alleged mailings he received from the company last year, which he claims included racial slurs. Eric Mazmanyan says that he received two bills ? one in June and one in July ? and a promotional letter in September from Charter Communications in which his last name was changed from Mazmanyan to a degrading ethnic term. "I was shocked when I first got it," Mazmanyan said. "I didn't know what to do. It was humiliating ?
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