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Crescenta Valley High School

April 11, 2008
Open House was held at Mountain Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday and Crescenta Valley High School on Wednesday. The events allowed students to share their classrooms with family and friends. The high school evening began with a barbecue meal fundraiser through Prom Plus, an organization that gives seniors a safe place to go after their prom. The Falcon Committee sold beautiful pieces of glass jewelry designed and made by teacher Patricia Rabe. The proceeds go to the Falcon Award Scholarship.
By Veronica Rocha | June 20, 2008
Nicole Muñoz will be the first person in her family to go to college. Muñoz?s journey to Thursday night?s graduation ceremony for the Crescenta Valley High School class of 2008 has not been easy. She immigrated four years ago to the United States from Mexico, she said. Muñoz didn?t speak English and had to slowly teach herself the language. She kept studying and enrolled in the high school?s Academy of Science and Medicine, Muñoz said. For three years, she was tutored about medicine and healthcare, learned about emergency medical response, frequented hospitals to learn more about medicine, trained as a lifeguard and had an internship.
By Mary O'Keefe | June 29, 2007
Of the more than six hundred students that graduated Crescenta Valley High School last week only one holds the title of perfect attendance, Amanda Del Rio. "She has had perfect attendance in her four years at high school," said Mark Rubio, assistant principal at CVHS. Perfect attendance means that out of the four years, which breaks down to 720 days or 3,840 hours, Del Rio missed — zero. "It was really difficult," Del Rio said. "My friends think I'm crazy." Del Rio admitted that getting up every morning for school wasn't that easy and there were times that she didn't feel great but went to school anyway.
By Odalis A. Suarez and Ruth Longoria | November 2, 2007
They came in myriad costumes, from unique and beautiful to scary and bizarre. There were witches, goblins, princesses, skeletons and superheroes. Whether they created their own costume or purchased an unusual or traditional one, students and teachers at Crescenta Valley High School and Rosemont Middle School made the most of the once-a-year costume event and strutted their stuff around their school grounds in true Halloween spirit. At the middle school, students made the most of the annual Halloween dance after classes on Wednesday.
By Vince Lovato | August 27, 2006
A La Crescenta girl is at the United Nations today in an attempt to teach people around the world about the struggle for human rights. Nicole Almeida, 17, is helping to organize a workshop today on the heels of the two-day "Making Human Rights a Global Realty Summit" at the U.N. building in New York. "The U.N. is fabulous — it’s huge," said Nicole, who will be a Crescenta Valley High School senior in September. "Just drinking coffee in the café,  there are people with broken English everywhere trying to talk and converse with some of the most amazing people."
By Vince Lovato | September 7, 2006
If they produce it, an audience will come. That's the hope of a group of former Crescenta Valley High School drama students who wanted more creative control over the plays they were associated with, so founded their own theater production company. They are staging their first professional play tonight. It will be a financially losing proposition, but a personally rewarding one for the troupe, producer Jillian Tessman said. Tessman, a 2005 Crescenta Valley High School graduate, is majoring in drama at Santa Monica Community College, along with twins, Crescenta Valley High classmates and business partners Maureen and Melissa Stone.
By Dylan Campbell | November 24, 2006
Crescenta Valley High School was recently awarded $500,000 in the form of an anti-violence grant. CVHS is among 33 schools that have been awarded a total of $16.1 million in state grants to protect students from violence in school and in their community. And Crescenta Valley High has put the money where their mouth is. "We want to be pro-active about our students and their safety," said Betty Barnes, coordinator for Student Support Services at Glendale Unified School District.
By Tania Chatila | November 15, 2006
LA CRESCENTA — Los Angeles County public health officials administered antibiotics to more than a thousand Crescenta Valley High School students Tuesday night after school officials received word of at least one confirmed case of meningitis in a student and another possible case of the infection in a second student. "We are, of course, concerned, but we're also confident that administering the antibiotic is the best way to keep the students safe," Crescenta Valley High School Co-Principal Mike Livingston said.
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