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October 5, 2006
ON THE AGENDA The following items will be considered at Tuesday's City Council meeting: DIVERSITY PROCLAMATION The council proclaimed October as cultural diversity month. The county of Los Angeles and the city have been recognizing the month as cultural diversity month for at least the last decade, said Zizette Ayad, city senior administrative analyst. WHAT IT MEANS Cultural diversity month provides a time for the city to celebrate the many different cultures represented in Glendale through events like Unity Fest, which was held on Sunday, Ayad said.
January 14, 2009
Cell-phone activist deserves credit The neighborhood group presentation to the City Council about cellular towers was informative and impressive (“T-Mobile backs off on tower,” Friday). One speaker acknowledged efforts made by resident Theodore Polychronis to alert the neighborhood and obtain council attention to this issue. I recall council meeting appearances by Polychronis where his efforts to address the issue were met with some impatience, even incivility, because the City Council members appeared to believe that nothing could be done about it. City Council members reacted positively because a big group of residents organized and descended on a council meeting.
May 13, 2010
The city of Glendale created a new strategy to establish a secured environment for both drivers and pedestrians (“Stings go on, sans bunny,” April 2). According to the article, “Glendale Police Officer Tom Broadway dressed in a pair of shorts and T-shirt, a far cry from the furry Easter costume that he sported a day earlier. On Thursday, he walked back and forth at two crosswalks, one lighted and marked, the other not.” The city’s police chose two intersections in which the number of accidents is high.
July 12, 2010
I would like to correct Robert Morrison's version of the 2nd Amendment, which he seems to have conveniently misquoted to suit his opinion ("Argument against household guns," July 8). The actual version reads: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." He seems to have forgotten an important part, the part that reads "of the people" It's a shame that he tries to stereotype pro-gun Americans with his sarcastic fantasy perception of air-shooting, neighbor-killing maniacs.
January 22, 2002
Ryan Carter GLENDALE -- Kenneth Village and Adams Square aren't all that different. Situated on Glendale's borders, both business districts want to improve and want recognition. "We want to bring people from the hillside to take pride in and shop in the community," said Al Valenzuela, the owner of Glendale Motor Center in Adams Square. "I think there's a lot of potential here. We have a lot of traffic that comes through. Yet it is still unknown." Situated around the intersection of Chevy Chase Drive and Palm Street, many of the 40-or-so older mom-and-pop businesses that exist in the area are just getting by, Valenzuela said.
By Jason Wells | August 13, 2007
CITY HALL — Glendale Police will have more money to back a targeted response to persistent pedestrian safety hazards if the City Council on Tuesday approves a $133,000 state grant for enforcement and education efforts. If approved, the money will pay for a direct public education campaign that will see police officers and staff at high-risk pedestrian corridors interacting with walkers in attempt to get a safety message through that so far has little effect on the city's dismal pedestrian safety numbers.
April 8, 2010
I was one of the Glendale residents caught in the “Bunny Sting.” I would have appreciated the lesson learned and accepted my traffic violation with humility if I had understood anything about what happened at Garfield and Central avenues (“Sting like a bunny,” April 1). All I know is that I saw a huge bunny on the side of the road (and no, I had not had any alcohol for lunch). He appeared to be flailing his arms around, and as I slowed to a crawl he came toward me. Alarmed, confused and unsure of the bunny’s intentions, my mind made several — what I feel are valid — split-second decisions.
March 2, 2007
To better acquaint voters with the candidates in the April 3 Glendale City Council race, the Crescenta Valley Sun presented all candidates with six identical questions touching on issues pertinent to the foothill area specifically and the Glendale area generally. We will run all of the answers we receive prior to the election day. Today we spotlight two of the eight candidates and their responses. Greg Krikorian Currently a board member of the Glendale Unified School District What is your reaction to the view protection/privacy issues now being debated by the council?
By Mary O’Keefe | February 8, 2008
Representatives from Glendale Unified School District, Crescenta Valley Town Council, PTA and parents from La Crescenta Elementary joined forces at a meeting with the Los Angeles County Highway Commission on Wednesday. They worked on finding a solution for the dangerous traffic conditions at La Crescenta and Prospect avenues. The commission is recommending that the crosswalks remain in place and that a right turn traffic signal be installed. The signal would affect traffic traveling eastbound in the 2800 block of Prospect Avenue, directing vehicles to turn right onto La Crescenta Avenue, said Hank Paz, student support services.
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