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Delivery Truck

August 27, 2003
"How's it going, Pete? Nice haircut! Today's the big day, huh?" "You said it, kid!" Pete shouted back with a smile. "Today's the big day!" Pete and his wife, Laura, lived in the same complex as my friend Buck back when I was 12 or so. We saw him almost every day walking on the street, to and from the factory in which he worked. He was a quiet man in his 40s who always walked with his head down and his lips silently moving, as if carrying on some running disagreement with himself.
September 5, 2009
This week students all over town are returning (or were supposed to be returning) to school. What advice can you give to students as they walk back into the classroom for another year? ? Let?s use the fire ? which is uppermost in all of our minds anyway ? to talk about starting up a new year of school. 1. All of those firefighters up in our mountains have shown us what perseverance is. They haven?t given up, even though they must be miserably uncomfortable and have not yet (at this writing)
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