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Delivery Truck

January 10, 2003
As scenic neighborhoods in Glendale go, the Marion Drive portion of Adams Hill is pretty nice. Many of the comfortable, single-family homes that line the winding, hilly thoroughfare rise up and away from the street, affording their owners impressive views of south Glendale and into downtown. Most of the properties are well cared for, it's quiet, and dozens of walkers use Marion as a safe route during their morning constitutionals. Safe, that is, until a car, utility vehicle or delivery truck needs to get by. Then scenic, idyllic Marion Drive becomes a hazardous asphalt sluice, as drivers try not to hit the many cars parked along the curb, and pedestrians scramble to get out of the way of oncoming vehicles, or squeeze themselves between parked cars and those forced to dramatically slow down or stop in the middle of the roadway.
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