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August 31, 2000
The comments in the Aug. 22 News-Press by two of Glendale's civic leaders were troubling. Councilwoman Ginger Bremberg declares the recommendation of a committee of the Human Relations Coalition "reprehensible" for taking a stance against bigotry. She further characterizes discrimination as an issue that does not matter. Coalition member Larry Zarian opposes public money being given to groups that discriminate, but somehow doesn't appear to think discrimination against homosexuals matters.
March 17, 2004
reversed I wonder if anyone else noticed the irony in Ani Amirkhanian's column of Feb. 28-29? She speaks with humor about being treated differently in an Armenian-owned business because she looks Caucasian (her words). Now put the shoe on the other foot. A minority walks into a Caucasian business and gets the same treatment and you frequently have outrage, letters to the editor, etc. Now, why is this? One way it's discrimination, and the other way it's reverse discrimination -- either way it's wrong.
By Robert S. Hong | October 21, 2006
Seven teenagers found themselves in a terrible work environment Friday when they temporarily joined the team of Burger Town — a hypothetical fast-food joint with a culturally insensitive and vocally abusive co-worker and a boss who could care less. The scene was an enactment of an extreme case of workplace discrimination put on by Glendale Police Explorers during a workshop that outlined types of harassment, employment rights and resources available to victims. The Explorers, 13 high-school students who are learning about police work, met in the Glendale Police Station's Community Room.
June 22, 2011
I'm writing to share a story about a hard-working group of city employees. We who live in the canyons are required to clear our hillsides every year. Recently I learned that the city's Neighborhood Services has a fee-based service that clears hillsides in the city. Their estimate was very competitive, I hired them and I'm very pleased with the results. I recommend their services to everyone. Lynn McGinnis Glendale Join the fight for women’s rights Even as young women graduate in record numbers from U.S. high schools and colleges this month, they still face many barriers.
June 3, 2003
Darleene Barrientos Three female police officers were awarded $3.5 million by a jury Monday that found the city of Glendale did not prevent the women from harassment, discrimination and retaliation at work. The jury of three women and nine men deliberated for 15 days, and found that officers Katie Frieders, Renae Kerner and Jamie Franke were subjected to a hostile work environment as employees of the Glendale Police Department. Individually, Frieders was awarded $850,000, Kerner was awarded $1,305,176 and Franke was awarded $1,361,250.
March 17, 2000
Craig Missakian Upon reading Ms. Michael's letter concerning Proposition 22, I gave it to friends to read. Some had supported the measure and some had opposed it. All of them advised me simply to ignore her comments. I thought differently. In the wake of the March 7 election, if there was any division created in our community by Proposition 22 now is the time to heal that wound. Unfortunately, I believe Ms. Michael's approach in continuing to divide this community by attacking supporters of the measure as hateful and bigoted only makes matters worse.
February 17, 2010
Sheehan confirmed as new GUSD supt. Dick Sheehan will be named Glendale Unified?s new superintendent after the Board of Education finalizes his contract, school board members said Tuesday. The expected appointment of Sheehan from his deputy post to the top job came about a month after Supt. Michael Escalante announced plans to retire at the end of the school year. With Sheehan?s tenure expected to begin July 1, the contract will likely be finished by late March, officials said.
July 24, 2003
city Some in the community have attacked Councilman Bob Yousefian because of comments he made about treatment of Armenian-American businesses in the community. First, I must say that I do not support using discrimination and prejudice to further personal agendas. I believe that prejudice and discrimination are too often used improperly. As such, we must use the word very carefully. I must also add that as Armenian Americans, we must be more involved with our communities.
By Max Zimbert | April 17, 2010
About two dozen Glendale High School students and teachers were taking their seats Friday to protest prejudice and harassment of all types, when a student a few yards away repeatedly yelled a derogatory term for homosexuals. The incident occurred as students handed out small notices that said they muted themselves to represent the unheard victims of discrimination and name-calling as part of the national Day of Silence. Participating students kept silent all day and wrote their responses to questions.
August 3, 2000
I remember there was a time when my grandparents came to California looking for a better life. They had no money, a few personal possessions and high hopes, which were beleaguered by their difficult and troubled past. When they came here, they were met with discrimination, bigotry and, at times, open aggression. They had a difficult time finding jobs, working long days doing things unrelated to their skills or education. They worked hard to make sure their children had a better life and didn't have to grow up in a society that discriminated against people because of their place of origin and their pride in their culture.
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