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By By Jason Wells | April 5, 2007
PASADENA — A jury on Wednesday convicted two men for first-degree murder in the 2004 shooting death of a 16-year-old Glendale boy in a court session that was marred by procedural difficulties. Echo Park residents Carlos Palma, 20, and Julian Martinez, 21, were both found guilty in the Dec. 31, 2004, shooting death of 16-year-old Carlos Pinon in Glendale. The jury rejected the prosecution's argument that the killing was gang-related, reducing the severity of the charges. Still, Palma faces 50 years to life in prison for shooting the gun, while Martinez's conviction calls for at least 25 years in prison, said Deputy Dist.
November 25, 1999
Robert Shaffer BURBANK -- I had a nice Thanksgiving, thank you very much. The turkey from Ralphs was excellent, and a homeless man made me cry. In case you didn't read my cheerful, before-Thanksgiving column last year, let me explain. When deadline for the 1998 column came last year, I didn't have much to write about but a headache, which became my opening paragraph. I had no firm plans for Thanksgiving and to top it off, I was missing my mother's cooking, which I swear I could smell 2,000 miles east in Iowa.
By Jason Wells | March 14, 2007
PASADENA — Prosecutors in the trial of two Echo Park gang members charged in the 2004 shooting death of a 16-year-old Glendale boy began wrapping up their case in Pasadena Superior Court as they called Glendale Police and Los Angeles County investigators to testify Tuesday. Glendale Police, a ballistics expert and a medical examiner from Los Angeles County were involved in the initial investigation of defendants Carlos Palma, 20, and Julian Martinez, 21. Palma and Martinez face charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder for the Dec. 30, 2004, drive-by shooting in Glendale that killed 16-year-old Carlos Pinon and seriously injured his friend, Juan Beltran, who was 15 at the time.
By Jason Wells | March 30, 2007
PASADENA — The fate of two men charged in the 2004 shooting death of a Glendale boy now rests in the hands of a jury after the prosecutor had his final say on Tuesday. Deputy Dist. Atty. Martin Bean sought to assure jurors that the case against 21-year-old Julian Martinez and 20-year-old Carlos Palma was overwhelming in the face of any reasonable doubt. The pair is charged with first-degree murder in the Dec. 31, 2004, shooting death of 16-year-old Carlos Pinon and attempted murder for the shooting of then 15-year-old Juan Beltran.
By Ruth Longoria | October 19, 2007
The new chiropractic office in La Crescenta isn’t just about getting a half-hour treatment to adjust your spine. Although short-term adjustments can be beneficial, and help pay the facility’s bills, business owner Dr. Dale Ellwein wanted more than just an office when he set up shop earlier this summer at 3436 N. Verdugo Rd., Suite 250. Ellwein said he has a mission to help people in the community develop overall healthy lifestyles....
February 14, 2004
Josh Kleinbaum Sitting on a couch this week in a small Glendale apartment, her 4-month-old baby bouncing on her lap and two friends by her side, everything about Fabiola exudes safety and comfort. She is safe, and her son, Diego Joseph, is safe. Her family is safe. What a difference a year can make. About a year ago, Fabiola, then 16, went to a party in Echo Park with some old friends, gang members. They drank alcohol, but she says she did not take any drugs.
By Rachel Kane | August 29, 2006
Glendale's centennial celebration and a picnic tradition will coincide on Monday on the lawns of a historic Glendale landmark. The Glendale Old Timers Assn. will salute 100 years of Glendale history with the annual Old-Timers Picnic from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Casa Adobe de San Rafael, 1330 Dorothy Drive . The picnic will feature an awards ceremony for 100-year-old Glendale resident Gertrude Ness and two birthday cakes to celebrate the city's 100th birthday. "It's a very touching, sentimental event," said Doris McKently, member of the event's picnic committee.
September 6, 2006
Winner of two awards at this year's Sundance film festival, "Quinceanera" is a charming film about redemption and forgiveness. The story begins slowly as a group of teenagers gush over their friend Magdalena (Emily Rios) while she plans her Quinceanera, a Latina's coming-of-age party as she turns 15. Magdalena is, in most respects, a typical teenager. She passes time after school on the sidewalk with her classmates and frets over the budding relationship she has with her boyfriend, Herman.
August 12, 2005
Keith Hamm If I want to play football, soccer, basketball or baseball in Verdugo Park, I don't need to sign a liability waiver, put on a helmet or wait for a paid monitor to wave me through a gate. And I don't need to pay. But I'm not a ballplayer. I'm a skateboarder. Verdugo Park has a skate park -- one of the best in greater Los Angeles. So I'll sign the waiver. I won't jump the gate during off hours. I'll wear my helmet. That's fine. I'll follow the rules.
By: Rosette Gonzales | August 31, 2005
Some viewers might feel a little uneasy or even disturbed when they see a few of the pieces in the new art installation at Brand Library and Art Center. "Tropico Redux" is the first mixed media exhibit of the newly formed Tropico Artist Collective, a fine-art group out of Adams Hill that aims to challenge its viewers through painting, photography, sculpture and drawing with strong and sometimes controversial statements. "One of the goals of the gallery is to be thought provoking," said Alyssa Resnick, senior library supervisor, who helped curate the show.
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