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Glenoaks Boulevard

October 27, 2001
Tim Willert NORTHEAST GLENDALE -- They are designed to slow motorists traveling through parts of the city's Rossmoyne district. But some residents think the temporary traffic circles on Stocker and Mountain Streets are nothing but an inconvenience and an eyesore. "They force you into the middle of the street and they are extremely ugly," said Judy Lloyd, who lives in the 800 block of Cavanagh Road. "I have no idea why the city did this. It would have to be cheaper to put in a four-way stop sign."
By: Mark R. Madler | September 24, 2005
The City Council gave its backing Tuesday night to mixed-use developments in neighborhood centers around the city although it wanted to limit the size of those projects so they wouldn't encroach onto residential areas. City staff members were directed to come up with a lower density level for the developments that are to be part of a proposed land-use plan the council will adopt next year. Without a change in the density, which could allow two- or three-story buildings, council members expected opposition from residents who live near the neighborhood centers.
By: Tania Chatila | September 16, 2005
Police arrested a 20-year-old Glendale man on an outstanding warrant Wednesday evening, who was one of two young men shot at near Jon's Market on Glenoaks Boulevard. Police are still searching for the shooter. At about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday a gunman fired shots at Robert Lopez, and another man, both members of a Latino gang, Sgt. Tom Lorenz said. Lopez was arrested shortly after on a felony probation warrant. Lopez and the other man were standing on a sidewalk near the intersection of Western Avenue and Glenoaks Boulevard when they were approached by a car, Lorenz said.
July 11, 2005
The following items will be considered at Tuesday's City Council meeting: SMOKING BAN The council will vote on whether to ban smoking within 25 feet of seating and service lines at public events in city parks. An addition to the law, Councilman Dave Weaver suggested completely prohibiting smoking in the Glendale Chess Park between Brand Boulevard and Orange Street. Council members have a choice to pass the law with or without Weaver's addition.
September 29, 2007
A plan to convert one of the last sections of city streetlights from high to low voltage systems got the green light Tuesday. The City Council’s unanimous approval means crews can go ahead with plans to convert the streetlights for the Bellehurst project — which includes Cedar and Everett streets from Glenoaks Boulevard to Stocker Street, and Glenoaks Boulevard, Dryden and Stocker streets between Everett and Cedar streets — from...
May 6, 2000
Alecia Foster GLENDALE -- Sarkis Sarkissian stepped outside his family's restaurant on Glenoaks Boulevard in the late hours of April 29 for some fresh air. A few moments later, he was joined by his father, Sebooh, who gave him "five" and sat down next to him. "We clasped hands for a couple of seconds," Sarkis remembered. At that moment, the 17-year-old said he felt like everything was going well for his family -- they were a strong unit, their chain of Anoush Family Restaurants were doing well and they were having a house built high in the Verdugo Mountains overlooking Glendale.
February 13, 2007
Police reserve adds four more to its ranks Four more officers joined the Glendale Police Department's Reserve Program Monday, bolstering its ranks to 14. Police Chief Randy Adams swore in the new officers at a small ceremony for friends and family at the downtown station. They will soon begin their yearlong training process. "These guys are a wonderful addition to the Police Department," Glendale Police Officer John Balian said. "This is something they really love and enjoy."
July 31, 2009
Steve Fristad grew up on Ethel Street with his grandparents. ?My grandmother, Viola Wheatley, played the piano for Jane Denham?s dance studio on Glendale Avenue. I think about those times every time I drive by that location. I used to go with her on occasion. You may have seen Bob Mitchell?s obituary in the paper. There were a few of us Glendalians that sang in the Mitchell Boys Choir. Doug Hopkins, Jerry McCaskill and Harry Clewley come to mind, but there may have been others.
December 7, 2000
Amber Willard 500 block of West Chevy Chase Drive: A man told police someone stole his car stereo and charger Tuesday. 1400 block of East Colorado Street: A 37-year-old Monrovia man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine. 5000 block of Glencove Avenue: A man told police someone stole tools from his garage Tuesday. Glendale Galleria: A 26-year-old Los Angeles woman was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stealing a purse from Macy's.
July 6, 2000
More and more the streets and the boulevards of our beautiful city are looking like back alleys of third world nations. Drive almost anywhere in this city and we are faced with garage sale signs. This past weekend was one of the worst. Large ugly signs posted on Kenneth Road, Glenoaks Boulevard and elsewhere. As of this morning, most of them remain. Meanwhile, the City Council members sit on their thumbs, the only one giving an apparent darn is Ginger Bremberg.
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