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November 11, 2010
Now that the midterm elections are behind us, I want to thank my constituents for the continued opportunity to serve. I first ran for office because I wanted to ensure that the country we pass on to our children is even better and stronger than the one we inherited. As the father of two young children, it is still what motivates me. But that intergenerational compact is at risk. I understand how deeply people are hurting in this poor economy, as well as how many others are worried about our country's future.
August 2, 2004
Regarding all the news about the campaign for the United States to recognize the 89-year-old Armenian Genocide, it isn't going to happen. The realistic fact is that Turkey is a most important and valuable ally of the U.S. in the troubled Middle East since the formation of NATO, and furnishes us with vital military assistance in that part of the world. The U.S. maintains a major air base in Turkey, a factor in the 1990s war in former Yugoslavia, as well as in our military action in Afghanistan and Iraq.
November 9, 2006
GLENDALE — Burbank Unified School District Board member Paul Krekorian won termed-out Majority Leader Dario Frommer's 43rd State Assembly District seat Tuesday night, with 62.9% of the vote. At his victory party at the Minx restaurant in Glendale Tuesday night, Krekorian expressed his objective of representing the interests of all facets of the district. "This is a district with great diversity in every respect — ethnically, in terms of income, geographically and so on — but I think that the people of this district have common interests," he said.
February 27, 2002
If it wasn't so laughably absurd, one might actually wheeze up a chuckle at the Greggs' protestations that they really care for the environment and the best interests of the citizenry. Unfortunately, their definition of environmental preservation most likely features a 12-point buck deer head mounted over their fireplace, and our best interests a funnel into their already bulging bank accounts. The Gregg Company is merely a microcosm of Enron. A powerful manipulator of public policy that dwells on short-term greed at the expense of a responsible vision toward the future, regardless of the human and environmental toll.
March 21, 2006
City should support Alex upgrade Absolutely the city should allocate the funds for improving the sound system at the Alex Theatre. In the Alex, we have a treasure that other cities would give their eye teeth to have. Let's invest what is necessary to keep it an attractive and competitive venue in our city. HERBERT R MILLER Glendale Letter in defense of Starr misses point In his March 16 letter ("Starr vote was in best interests of event," mailbag), Gary Cornell misses the point.
July 28, 2006
Degnan Inducted to Phi Beta Kappa The University of California at Santa Barbara has inducted La Crescenta resident Natalie Susan Degnan as one of 135 seniors to the California Lambda Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest honorary society in the country. Its purpose is to honor high achievement in the liberal arts and sciences and to recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship and cultural interests. Pascual Receives MBA in Wisconsin Emmanuel Hernandez Pascual, a Glendale resident, received his master's degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater on May 13.  
October 11, 2001
I am not sure how the News-Press identifies who or what may be the 103 most significant people/events for Glendale. However, having read the article, it became apparent that little if any research was done. The top 103 included people who have little if any impact on Glendale, or who have not been around or done anything significant for months, e.g., the staff of Joel Wachs, La Canada City Council, fences, etc. You completely ignored many significant people such as Michael Antonovich, the Mayor of Los Angeles County (Board of Supervisors)
January 18, 2011
June W. Dougherty, long time La Cañada Flintridge resident died Thursday, January 6 of natural causes.  She was 90.  Born August 5, 1920 in Los Angeles, June’s family moved to Arcadia in 1932 where she attended Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High School.  In 1942 she received a BA in Home Economics from UCLA and in that same year married James Dougherty.  Together they raised three children.  In 1956 the family moved to La Cañada Flintridge.  June had many interests including politics, art, weaving and history and was active in Pasadena’s League of Women Voters, Descanso Gardens and the Lanterman House.
June 7, 2000
Why does Adam Schiff refuse to talk about issues important to people, like affordable health care? Does he have nothing to say? Maybe he is too nervous about people realizing that his campaign is in the pocket of special interest lawyers. It seems obvious from what I have seen so far that Schiff would rather litigate not medicate. Doesn't Schiff get it? It takes more to have a position on health care than showing up and kissing babies, he actually has to answer questions on this important issue.
By Camila Castellanos | January 2, 2014
The sun shone at Glendale Community College as Art Darbinian, 19, waived to fellow students and maneuvered the tram he uses to help monitor the campus as a cadet at the school's police department. “One of the things I love about my job is that I really get to see the inter-workings of the college,” the biology student said, nodding hellos to custodians and staff as he rattled off the building names and areas where he often patrols. Darbinian is one of 15 cadets at GCC, working part-time to help bolster the college's full-time police department.
By Brittany Levine, | December 30, 2013
Rescued creatures large and small contributed to the year's headlines.   Cat resuscitated after fire A 12-year-old cat that was resuscitated by Glendale firefighters during an apartment fire in February was adopted from the Pasadena Humane Society after its former owners, who were contacted, according to fire officials, did not come forward to take it. The black cat with golden eyes, named Glinda, was brought back to life after...
By Veronica Rocha, | December 28, 2013
Though all years have their share of oddness, 2013 seemed bit more fruitful than most in the Jewel City. From rockers fleeing through the streets, to cremains being stolen from a minivan, to a Cadillac landing on a roof, Glendale's strange side kept its finest more than a little busy. Goth rocker Peter Murphy arrested Bauhaus fans flipped this year after British Goth rock icon Peter Murphy, the band's front man, was arrested for crashing a car in Glendale and fleeing in a Subaru Forester.
December 17, 2013
Re: “ The revenue may justify the spending ,” News-Press editorial, Dec. 14. Here we go again. The City Council wants you to tax yourself, give up your right to vote for city treasurer and city clerk, and also vote charter changes that will end their illegal transfer of money from GWP to the general fund. To add insult to injury they want to spend $80,000 to convince you this needs to be done. Didn't they get the message from the last election? I guess they think they can wear us down by constantly having these items on the ballot.
By Kelly Corrigan, | November 5, 2013
Three incumbents on the Crescenta Valley Town Council, representing the unincorporated areas of La Crescenta and Montrose, each secured another term following Saturday's election in which 431 residents cast votes. Of the nine residents who tossed their hats into the election, incumbents Harry Leon, Cheryl Davis and Young Suh earned the most votes, earning them each a three-year term. Leon, a plumbing contractor who supports banning oversized trucks from parking in the area, received 194 votes.
By Andy Klein | October 11, 2013
Georges Franju's 1960 feature debut, “Eyes Without a Face” is either a horror film disguised as an art film or vice versa. It was originally shown in the U.S. in a dubbed version called “The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus.” Edith Scob plays a beautiful young woman whose face is totally destroyed in a car accident. Since her father (Pierre Brasseur) - guilt-ridden over his responsibility for the accident - is coincidentally a plastic surgeon, he devotes himself to restoring her by kidnapping young women, cutting off their faces, and trying, over and over, to graft them onto his daughter.
By Kelly Corrigan, | June 27, 2013
During the first-ever robotics academy at Glendale Community College, nearly 30 teens built and programmed robots from scratch in less than two weeks to compete against each on Thursday. The four-wheeled robots maneuvered around a small white playing field to grasp one ball at a time with their claws. They were controlled by students who set out to score points by dropping the balls in goals that were in the center and corners of the field. Not all of the freshmen and sophomores from Glendale, Burbank and Los Angeles high schools came with robot experience under their belts, but that wasn't a requirement.
May 10, 2013
When it is so very often that the political process or public service is held up to derision hyper scrutiny and/or hysterical debate, it was so reaffirmed by the local version, the Glendale City Council meetings televised Tuesdays. The 14 Quintero months will be an insightful learning experience. Don't miss it. Tim Jagoe La Crescenta
By Craig Rosen | March 27, 2013
Over the last decade Burbank has seen the music chains Virgin Megastore, Sam Goody and FYE disappear as consumers shifted from buying CDs to downloading their music online. However, two independent record stores started in the '90s have managed to thrive in the city as a new generation of music fans discovers vinyl records while faithful repeat customers keep coming back. Atomic Records on West Magnolia Boulevard has found success by sticking to its original game plan of specializing in used vinyl records.
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