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By Rebecca Bryant Mohan | September 11, 2011
On a quiet, one-way Pasadena street, a few doors down from a comedy club and where you must take caution not to get run over by little old ladies trying to parallel park in front of a medical marijuana store, El Metate Café is a family-run Mexican restaurant that's not so easy to find, and nearly impossible to forget. This is the place for burritos the size of Popeye's forearms and a boiling concoction served in a giant pig-shaped mortar. It's where you can get tacos of chicken, beef, pork, brain, tongue and pig stomach.
By Mark Kellam, | September 2, 2011
Goodbye, hot dogs. Hello, cheese plates and vino. Big changes are ahead on the site where Papoo's Hot Dog Show has operated in Burbank for 62 years. Sal Calderone, a long-time chef who most recently worked for Urth Caffé, recently bought the property and plans to open a restaurant that will be much different from Papoo's, which closed last Sunday because its owner, Leona Gardner, couldn't afford to make extensive renovations required by the city. Calderone plans to open an Italian-style restaurant named Rustica Café and Bakery that will feature a stone-hearth oven, espresso bar and outdoor fireplace on the back patio, he said.
By Mark Kellam, | August 31, 2011
The owner of the former Montrose Collection site said Wednesday he is willing to reduce the size OF a new restaurant at the location, but not enough to meet parking requirements. Alfred Teichert appeared before a Glendale planning officer Wednesday seeking a conditional-use permit to continue using office space that was part of a city-approved expansion by Montrose Collection years ago. Teichert also asked for a permit to have nine fewer parking spaces than would normally be required - an exception granted to Montrose Collection Restaurant and Banquet Hall.
The Los Angeles Times | August 29, 2011
Papoo's Hot Dog Show, a Toluca Lake institution, closed its doors on Sunday. The restaurant caters to the "old Toluca Lake crowd," customers who regard this place as their neighborhood hangout where a person can get a hearty breakfast, a hot dog or a nice cold beer. Owner Leona Gardner said she decided to sell the restaurant because it needed more attention than she could give it, namely an extensive remodeling that she couldn't afford amid loss of profits from the economic downturn.
By Mark Kellam, | August 29, 2011
The owners of the former Montrose Collection restaurant site - which served up a plate of controversy a few years ago for operating in violation of city codes - have hit a snag in their efforts to revamp the place. City officials have recommended denying two requests made by Alfred and Ramona Teichert, owners of Chandelier restaurant on Honolulu Avenue, because of insufficient parking, according to a staff report. The former occupants, Armen and Takui Aivazian, filed for bankruptcy late last year.
By Mark Kellam, | August 4, 2011
Don Cuco, a well-known Mexican restaurant on Brand Boulevard adjacent to the Alex Theatre, has closed for good, taking many people by surprise. Owner Blanca Salazar said she made the decision to close the restaurant, located at 214 N. Brand Blvd., after a dwindling lunch crowd, parking issues and a spike in corn prices became too much in the end. The prominent Mexican restaurant had been losing $20,000 to $30,000 a month, she added. “I could not cover my overhead,” she said.
By Cassandra M. Bellantoni | June 18, 2011
The Loguercio family has seen good times and bad from behind the 24-seat counter at Chili John’s in Burbank since 1990. They say they are better people for the experience, but with rising food costs and the loss of a patriarch, the family faces a big decision deadline that has come and gone. Debra Loguercio and her 22-year old son, Alec Loguercio, have been working full time keeping the burners lit for several years since the real passion behind Chili John’s, Debra’s husband, Gene Loguercio, became ill and lost a tough battle with pancreatic cancer.
By Stan Wawer | May 26, 2011
There are hundreds of kebab restaurants in the Burbank-Glendale area. This is one of them. Garni Kebab sits like a beacon at a fork in the road where Scott Road and North San Fernando Boulevard part company. This family-owned restaurant is clean and friendly and offers both dine in and take out, with free delivery ($15 minimum order). Pleasantries aside, the food left much to be desired. Let’s start with the lentil soup ($3.99). It had no flavor and it was mushy — like it had been sitting around for a long time.
By Bill Kisliuk, | May 9, 2011
IHOP is looking to Wal-Mart to expand its customer base beyond booths and coffee refills. The Glendale-based restaurant chain on Monday announced plans to start selling frozen breakfast entrees at 3,000 Wal-Mart stores this week, with plans to enter supermarkets later in the year. The move comes as IHOP restaurant revenues stall and brand-name chains seek customers who may not walk in the door. “The bottom line is, we are pretty good at breakfast, and we feel we ought to be offering more folks quality IHOP breakfasts more of the time,” IHOP President Jean Birch said Monday.
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