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December 29, 2004
Jackson Bell Eddie Kesh spent the better part of his day cleaning his tea shop, Lumiere, that was flooded by 1 1/2 feet from the downpour that started Monday night and continued through Tuesday. He estimated thousands of dollars in damage to his wood furniture and flooring. "It's hard," he said. "Not only have I lost a lot of money, now I have to close to clean up, and just hope the hard rain doesn't strike again." Lumiere was one of several shops in the 2400 block of Honolulu Avenue in Montrose disrupted by the rain.
By Veronica Rocha, | February 18, 2011
GLENDALE — The Station fire burn area could get pounded with up to 6 inches of rain by Sunday, prompting flash-flood warnings and renewed fears of debris flows. The National Weather Service on Friday warned hillside residents that flash flooding and debris flows were possible through Sunday. The cold storm is expected to bring its heaviest rainfall this afternoon. Some mountain regions could also see wind gusts of up to 70 mph, while local winds will likely be closer to 35 mph, according to the weather service.
By By Fred Ortega | November 5, 2005
Locals complain of trucks bypassing barriers blocking road undermined by winter storms.NORTH GLENDALE -- Wooden barriers that have blocked Cavanagh Road since January don't seem to faze many drivers, who go around the blockade despite the fact that a portion of the road beyond appears to be crumbling down a hillside. "There is a row of sandbags with barriers on top of them," said Cecilia Turner, who lives next to the barriers on Cavanagh. "I have seen people get out of their vehicles and move the sandbags.
By Veronica Rocha | November 8, 2009
LA CRESCENTA — The Crescenta Valley Town Council’s Emergency Preparedness Fair on Saturday gave residents a chance to get information on the debris flows and floods that could come with rain. The Los Angeles County Fire Department and local emergency-preparedness groups fielded questions from residents, who were especially concerned about the flood-prone areas recently burned in the Station fire. “That has been the hot topic,” said Stephanie English, a county fire department spokeswoman.
December 24, 2007
A good place to be this time of year Now is the time to check out Montrose for the unique stores and restaurants. The Christmas lights and decorations are better than ever, and the carols and horsedrawn carriage will enhance your holiday spirit! Kudos to Montrose. BETTY EICHENHOFER Glendale Looking for answers on street issues I am still very much concerned and bewildered about why the city of Glendale has not notified me or other Gladys Drive residents about the condition and measures that will be taken to correct the widening slide potential of the street.
By Veronica Rocha, | December 18, 2010
With rain expected to drench the city and foothills throughout the weekend, Los Angeles County public works officials advised residents to expect some road closures early Sunday. All county roads in the Station fire burn area, including Angeles Forest Highway, Big Tujunga Canyon Road and Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road, may close starting at 2 a.m. Sunday, when the storm is expected to worsen, said Bob Spencer, spokesman for the county Department of Public Works. "It's not a decision that we take lightly," he said.
By Veronica Rocha | January 19, 2010
LA CRESCENTA — Crews worked quickly Tuesday afternoon to stack a labyrinth of sandbags around Steve Voleti’s home, blanketed in mud the day before. Nearly 300 bags made up the maze, which crews carefully formed into walls in Voleti’s backyard during the heavy downpour . The crew rushed to finish the job on Quail Canyon Road as powerful thunderstorms rumbled above. “This was totally unexpected,” Voleti said, referring to the mounds of mud and rocks from nearby Deukmejian Park that sild into his backyard and his pool.
By Melanie Hicken, | June 29, 2010
As construction crews continue to expand six foothill debris basins in preparation for next year's storms, Los Angeles County officials today are expected to allocate hundreds of thousands more for additional construction projects. Earlier this month, crews contracted by Los Angeles County began a $1-million expansion of the Pickens, Snover, Big Briar, Mullally, Pinelawn and Starfall debris basins. The work is slated to continue through October. County officials have said the expansion should help prevent the devastation that occurred in February when the Mullaly Debris Basin overflowed, sending mud and debris that severely damaged homes in La CaƱada's Paradise Valley neighborhood.
By Veronica Rocha, | September 2, 2010
SOUTH GLENDALE — Los Angeles County Sheriff's bomb investigators on Thursday safely detonated a live Vietnam-era grenade that was unearthed by construction crews at a Garfield Avenue satellite campus for Glendale Community College. The discovery prompted Glendale police to evacuate the entire campus and several nearby residential buildings before bomb investigators placed the grenade in a hole in the ground, covered it with several 25- to 35-pound sandbags and detonated it. As construction workers and residents watched from afar, the detonation set off an ear-shattering noise and a small cloud of dirt.
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