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By Jason Wells | March 26, 2008
CITY HALL — Broad public smoking restrictions were put on the fast track Tuesday after the City Council dismissed a suggested series of public input meetings as “duplicative,” instead directing staff to return with a stringent draft ordinance that council members said would elicit many of the same stakeholder opinions during the required public hearing. Cutting public outreach out of the process, at least for now, is expected to shave months off the adoption of any potential public smoking restrictions that are sure to go beyond Glendale’s current bans on smoking inside city buildings or within 25 feet of outdoor seating areas at parks or during public events.
March 19, 2010
The same plethora of cigarette butts still clutters the parts of the Glendale Community College campus I walk through every other morning, which I’ve hollered about on this page quite a few times. In fact, the other morning there was some yahoo billowing smoke right outside the open entrance to the Verdugo Gym fitness center. Immediately adjacent to the college on both Mountain Street and Verdugo Road there are newly placed city banners proclaiming “Glendale Fresh Air, Smoke Free Public Places, It’s the Law.” It’s disgusting that the college appears to be ignoring the banners’ message.
By Marlene Walker | July 7, 2008
I write this with dismay at Robert Morrison for his letter ?Politicians? words don?t pass the smell test? on June 25 (Mailbag). I say thank you, temporally, to the City Council for tabling the smoking ban for apartment dwellers, but no thanks to most of the other restrictions (?Council eases up on smoking,? June 18). The statement by Morrison that owners of restaurants who allow smoking in their patios deter patrons from sitting outside is not correct, as far as I am concerned.
By Jeremy Oberstein | November 17, 2008
With an economy in the doldrums and a recently enacted ban on smoking taking shape in Glendale, Tom Williams realizes that the Brand Cigar Club faces significant challenges as it navigates the region’s choppy waters. But Williams, the retail manager of the shop that reopened Nov. 1 after a nine-month hiatus, is poised to capture a significant portion of the disaffected smoking population who are now precluded from lighting up in most public places around the city. “We have the biggest population of Armenians in this country, and they smoke,” Williams said.
August 14, 2008
Children just a smoke screen I am writing in regard to a recent letter by Sharon Weisman that said the cities of Glendale and Los Angeles should purchase the Verdugo Hills Golf Course (“Golf course could curtail drug use,” July 30). Here we go again with citizens wanting people to pay taxes for their pleasure. Who will probably be using this golf course the most? In my opinion, it will likely be the Montrose-area residents and the people who live in North Glendale plus the foothill communities.
By CARL W. RAGGIO | September 25, 2007
Is there anyone in Glendale who doesn’t have strong feelings about smoking? Is there anyone who doesn’t think smoking is a habit that should not be acquired? Few issues are classified as black or white, and smoking falls into that black or white category. Most controversial issues end up being some shade of gray. Not smoking, especially smoking in public; smoking is not a gray issue. For some time, smoking, as it relates to young people in Glendale, has been a subject of public discussion.
July 5, 2005
Fred Ortega Smokers may soon find themselves 25-steps removed from the city's outdoor recreational events. The City Council will introduce a motion at its meeting today that would prohibit smoking within 25 feet of seating areas or service lines for outdoor events in the city's parks and recreational facilities. If it passes, the law will take effect on Aug. 11. Violators could be fined up to $100 for their first violation, $200 for a second offense and up to $500 for a third violation, according to the city's municipal code.
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