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November 13, 2002
Karen S. Kim The City Council showed little love Tuesday night toward its constituents who are prone to lighting up in city parks, as it considered banning smoking in Glendale's green areas. The council directed staff to research the implications of either prohibiting smoking 25 to 50 feet from children's playing areas, setting up designated smoking areas or banning smoking altogether in Glendale's parks. "I don't see that we need to cater to smokers in any of our parks," Councilman Frank Quintero said.
April 5, 2008
Taxpayers deserve a more accurate picture Patrick Azadian perpetuates the myth that teachers are somehow under-compensated for their work (?In some circumstances, ignorance can be bliss,? From the Margins, March 29). This is a myth, which has been finely tuned by the teachers union and the Democratic Party, which receives significant contributions from the union to keep the myth alive. It is extraordinarily difficult to calculate salaries since compensation varies by district, and by certifications/experience.
November 29, 2001
Tim Willert NORTHWEST GLENDALE -- Fernando Roman used to smoke cigarettes to fit in, but found they kept him from playing sports. "I smoked, but I wasn't happy doing it," he said. Adriana Rodriguez finally quit smoking after pleas from her 5-year-old brother, who would open all the windows in the house every time she lit up. On Wednesday, the Daily High School seniors and two of their classmates -- all cigarette-free for at least one year -- shared their experiences as former smokers with Keppel Elementary School fourth-graders in hopes of preventing them from picking up the habit.
July 4, 2008
Smoking limits studied by city Apartment dwellers who like to light up a cigarette or cigar in the privacy of their own residence won’t be facing future raids from the smoking police, the City Council decided recently. The council dropped from a proposed smoking ordinance a requirement that 85% of all apartments be designed non-smoking, and that smoking units be clustered together for limited impact. Smokers will still be able to light up on public sidewalks, as well, though butts are banned within 20 feet of outdoor restaurants.
April 8, 2006
If you smoke cigarettes, like satire and you're a fan Aaron Eckhart, you should fire one up for the comedy "Thank You For Smoking." If you're trying to quit the habit or you're under 18, skip this film and buy a pack of gum instead. Eckhart stars as Nick Naylor, a tobacco lobbyist on a mission to prove that cigarettes are not bad for you. The film is based on the book of the same title and it chronicles Nick's life as he does his job to "pay the mortgage." Nick also brings his son with him so he can show the boy what he actually does for a living.
November 16, 2002
Don't help kids think smoking is acceptable Shame on the News-Press for not promoting a smoking section in public parks. In good faith, smoking should not be allowed, period, in parks in front of kids. What kind of message is it to see anybody smoking when we are trying to tell our kids not to ever start smoking? I have just driven by parks with my car windows down and smelled strong smoking odors from adults puffing away. Let's get real. Smoking, gambling -- do them at home, not in public places and not in front of kids who might get the impression these things are acceptable.
By Mike Mohill | September 17, 2008
Regarding the Aug. 9-10 editorial cartoon “Find your own dog house!” about Barry Allen and Councilman Dave Weaver, the Community Forum following was primarily about Weaver and his insensitivity to the Armenian community on the issue of no smoking. Nowhere in the Community Forum is there any mention of Allen, the messenger, of Weaver’s misbehaving before the City Council on July 29 and his arrogance on the issue of smoking. Your paper is quick to criticize Allen with uncomplimentary articles and political caricatures.
March 28, 2000
Amber Willard GLENDALE -- Police called to a motel to investigate a woman's screams and sounds of physical abuse discovered three people allegedly converting methamphetamine into crystal meth at a motel. Police planned to turn the case over the district attorney's office this morning, Sgt. Rick Young said. Abigail Concepcion, 23, of Chino Hills; Aldric Quintas, 26, of Los Angeles; and Gerardo Magbitang, 37, of Covina were arrested at 3:43 a.m. Sunday on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines for sale and manufacturing a controlled substance.
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