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By PATRICK AZADIAN | October 21, 2006
Smoking is an unusual addiction. To begin with, the product itself does not seem to be very appealing unless you are already addicted. Most people's first experience with this socially accepted addiction is not very pleasant. I remember the first time I hijacked one of my aunt's cigarettes and made my way to the bathroom for this extremely mysterious experience. I was probably 9 years old. The idea of being able to pull off such a clandestine operation in a house full of guests and family members excited me even before I had lit up. I don't remember much else from this episode of "Operation: Smoke," but one thing I do vividly recall is that my tongue was on fire and my lungs were in severe trauma after my first puff.
May 31, 2011
A leading cause of preventable death in United States has unfortunately become an addicting habit for many people all over the nation. This extremely harmful habit is smoking tobacco, known as cigarettes. Smoking causes many health problems, such as emphysema, heart disease, and cancer, as well as emotional and physical consequences such as change in voice, pigmentation change in teeth and bad breath. Even though throughout the years people have become more aware of the harmful effects that smoking causes, it seems as though it is just not enough and more needs to be done in order to save lives and shape the upcoming generations into a healthier and more knowledgeable society.
July 16, 2008
Olympian wants fights in Glendale For many years now, the people of the city of Glendale have been denied an exciting sport and art form dating back hundreds of years (“Ban on pro fights revisited,” July 4). Boxing and mixed martial arts have gained immense popularity in the last few years in Glendale, and sadly the city has not caught on to this trend. Upon returning from the 2004 Athens Olympics, my next dream was to turn professional and one day shine as a prizefighter in my hometown of Glendale in front of my most loyal friends and fans.
August 26, 2011
As a citizen of Glendale, I am just wondering if loitering, smoking and littering laws are in fact still laws within the city. On any given day or night (mostly night), you can find groups of teens and young adults hanging around in parking lots all across the city. They play their music, smoke cigarettes and throw all their trash right where they stand. They try to intimidate others and make the parking lots very uncomfortable places to be. The parking lots next to Carl's Jr. on Glenoaks, the 7-Eleven on the corner of Glenoaks and Highland and the Ralphs parking lot on Glendale Avenue near Glendale Community College are just a few of the hot spots.
By PATRICK AZADIAN | June 23, 2007
My parents' generation did not know as much about the hazards of smoking as we do. To many members of that generation, smoking was their unofficial passage to adulthood; it was a sign of individual freedom as well as a symbol of westernization. This was not accidental; tobacco companies had done a fine job in selling their hazardous products over the years. By the time information was widely available about the dangers of smoking, millions had already been addicted. The habit has already deprived many of a longer life; and sadly, it will continue to do so. The availability of information on the harms of smoking to non-smokers and its effects on the environment is even newer information.
By PATRICK AZADIAN | January 5, 2008
Years of smoking finally got to my mom’s lungs. She voluntarily checked in to the hospital a few days before Christmas. She eventually confessed that she’d had difficulty breathing since Dec. 15. Despite what she’d had previously thought, she was not invincible after all. I called early the next morning before she was awake to talk to her doctor. After getting answers to all my questions, Dr. Hwan Suk went through his own questions. I made sure I emphasized the fact that my mom had been a smoker for about 50 years.
February 6, 2003
Writer must drive around in circles in a small place As I watched a young man and two small boys clutching his hands walk across the street on Colorado and Lincoln Street to go to Carr Park, the traffic began to slow and soon came to a complete stop, and the boys made a safe passage to the other side of the street. Thank you, all who are responsible. On the other hand, as far as pedestrians vs. traffic goes, two wrongs don't make a right. Children do run about.
October 12, 2002
Gretchen Hoffman Patricia Henley hasn't seen a dime of the millions in damages she won from Philip Morris four years ago, but it's not about money for the Glendale resident -- it's about children. Henley, 55, was the first sick smoker to get a case against the tobacco magnate to trial, and a jury awarded her more than $50 million -- far beyond what she'd asked for. A trial judge reduced the punitive damages by half, and an appeal is pending. Instead, she plans to use it to get the newly formed Patricia Henley Foundation off the ground.
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