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July 5, 2013
Glendale Community College students who in recent times found themselves scrambling to find classes are now on the receiving end of a generous gift from their teachers: Full-time faculty members at the Verdugo Boulevard campus have agreed to take a substantial, 35% pay cut to teach short-term winter and summer courses. This gives the college about $340,000 to offer more of these intercession classes. This is a real boon to the students who need to complete enough course work to matriculate to universities without being forced to spend extra time and money in order to achieve that goal.
January 20, 2000
Claudia Peschiutta GLENDALE -- This time, teachers weren't the only ones providing lessons. Students at Glendale High School on Wednesday expressed their views on life in a free society before a group of teachers visiting from Armenia, which declared its independence from the former Soviet Union less than 10 years ago. Freedom is "the ability to make your own choices, without the fear of persecution or...
By Brian Crosby | July 18, 2011
Gov. Brown signed a bill last Thursday that requires California schools to use history textbooks and lessons that mention positive contributions from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. No other state has such a requirement. While I have no problem including in a history textbook anybody who is important in human history, I do have a problem when it is mandated by elected officials just because it is politically expedient to do so. No other group of highly educated professionals has so much of their work environment controlled as do teachers.
By Nathan Cambridge, Special to the Glendale News-Press | March 7, 2014
GLENDALE - Throughout its first half-decade of play, the Stars Shooting For Hope charity basketball game, featuring a squad of celebrities versus a team of teachers representing the Glendale Unified School District, has featured close contests while raising money for the Desi Geestman Foundation. The sixth installment, played Friday night on the court at Hoover High School, yielded more of the same. “It's just great to come out here for a good cause,” Hoover football Coach Matt Andersen said.
By Vince Lovato | May 20, 2006
An old woman in a hair net and rolled-down stockings sat on a park bench on an empty stage at Roosevelt Middle School on Friday. An old man, walking with a palsied gate on a wobbly cane, smiled when he saw the old woman. When he tried to sit beside her on the bench, she whacked him on the head with her purse, sending him scurrying away. The 400 students in the audience ? who each paid $2 to see the frenetic teacher talent show ? roared with laughter. It was just one of 14 fast-paced and humorous acts the teachers rumbled through to help raise money for the associated student body and to help students blow off some steam.
June 6, 2003
Six Glendale teachers were among 220 Southern California teachers honored Thursday at a special beach party hosted by Gladstone's Malibu. Sam Levering, Jim Smiley and Scott Sund from Crescenta Valley High School and Carol Driffill, Mary Hazlett and Cathi Lander from Glendale High School were all honored at the eighth annual party hosted by Gladstone's Malibu. Students nominate teachers they think should be honored, said Christine Lloyd, a spokeswoman for Gladstone's.
July 13, 2001
Alecia Foster NORTHEAST GLENDALE -- For those in the school district's human resources department, hiring teachers is a year-round project. "This is the crunch time right now," said Dreda Lutz, assistant director of human resources for Glendale Unified. District officials will continue their search this summer -- traditionally the busiest time for hiring teachers -- alongside thousands of others throughout the country. Glendale officials say most of their hiring needs for the year have been met -- about 101 teachers have been hired so far. A dozen more still need to be hired by the fall.
By Helen Kantor | November 16, 2007
Red ribbons weren?t the only thing dotting school campuses recently. Teachers at Mountain Avenue Elementary had red faces as they huffed and puffed their way into better shape with West Coast Boot Camp. For the second year, the teachers took park in the fitness camp that conducted classes after school in support of Red Ribbon week. ?The teachers want to become healthier and make better choices,? said principal Rebecca Witt, who said that the exercise regime is in line with the values that are the basis of Red Ribbon Week.
April 19, 2000
Tim Willert DOWNTOWN -- Raysa Puig will do whatever it takes to make learning English easier, including singing, chanting and rhyming. "When you sing silly songs, it's a good way for them to get used to new words and phrases," said Puig, who teaches Limited English Proficient second-graders at Cerritos Elementary. Toll Middle School English Language Development teacher Darise Kiesendahl prefers relaxation as a teaching technique. "You want to lower their level of stress and make them feel comfortable," Kiesendahl said.
June 15, 2002
Gary Moskowitz Standing in front of a room of eager students and teaching math problems or earth sciences is one thing, but getting up onstage and performing a dance routine in front of the whole student body is something entirely different. For more than 10 teachers at Columbus Elementary School, Friday was not only a celebration of Flag Day but also a chance to perform their second annual Staff Talent Show at three student assemblies. Grant Baciocco stood in front of the curtain with a guitar and improvised songs from words suggested by students.
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