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By Zain Shauk | August 4, 2009
GLENDALE ? Republican state Sen. Bob Huff has launched a campaign pressing teachers to accept performance evaluations based on student achievement, a requirement for the state to qualify for a competition for $4.4 billion in educational stimulus funds. Teachers have been hesitant to allow evaluations that might affect pay based on student test scores because they may not accurately represent a student?s progress or a teacher?s performance. President Obama has argued that rewarding teachers based on performance is key to improving the educational experiences of students.
December 11, 2003
Apropos the letters of protest by Drummond, Lawrence and Holbrook on the subject of burdensome homework, I will quote from an article on education in the L.A. Times on Jan. 28, 1997. The item carried the header "America Listens to E.D. Hirsh." "He has become a force by standing firm on two points he first made in 1987: that there is a core of knowledge every American must learn to succeed in school and function responsibly in our democracy; and that a wrongheaded educational theory called progressivism-teachers should be attuned to the social and emotional needs of children and should nurture their creativity-has kept schools from teaching that knowledge."
By Brian McGackin | January 23, 2010
There?s no question that the problem with our nation?s public schools is reaching crisis level. Test scores are hitting new lows, and dropout rates ? especially in California ? are sky high. With lobbyists on all sides pushing for education reform, the real mystery is what to do with the billions of government dollars that are being set up to fix the failing school system. Burbank resident Brian Crosby makes a strong case for his personal proposal in his book ?Smart Kids, Bad Schools: 38 Ways to Save America?
September 20, 2001
Alecia Foster GLENDALE -- County education officials hinted that it might be coming. But it didn't really hit Kris Kohlmeier until he heard the words: he was a Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year. "All I could say was, 'Wow,"' Kohlmeier said. The Wilson Middle School teacher was one of 12 area educators receiving the honor Wednesday from the Los Angeles County Office of Education. The 12 teachers were chosen from a pool of 61 teachers from throughout the county.
May 15, 2003
Gary Moskowitz Fourth-grade teacher Carrie Wedemeyer was all smiles at school Wednesday, even though she had a sore throat and could hardly talk to her students. Parents of students at John Muir Elementary School honored the school's teachers with a free lunch to celebrate what they do, on the California Day of the Teacher. This year's Day of the Teacher theme was "Imagine, Inspire, Involve." Muir parents sent enough food to fill several long tables in the school's staff lounges, and Wedemeyer and her colleagues were not shy about digging in. "Everybody says this, but I really do love working with children," said Wedemeyer, 28. "I've known ever since I was a kid I wanted to teach."
By Zain Shauk | October 31, 2008
GLENDALE — A two-part workshop on the Armenian genocide began Thursday, helping about 60 teachers explore an issue that, for many, had been a mystery. The workshop was sponsored by the Glendale Unified School District, which will pay its teachers their regular hourly rates for attending both sessions. With videos, discussion sessions and a hands-on drawing activity, teachers were guided through possible causes for genocide, like the mass killings between 1915 and 1918 of more than 1.5 million Armenians in the former Ottoman Empire.
April 1, 2004
Robert Chacon If not for a trio of teachers from the science department, health classes might have been eliminated from the ninth-grade curriculum at La Canada High School. Jim Stratton, La Canada Unified School District deputy superintendent and director of curriculum, had recommended that the school board approve the move in order to lessen the number of requirements for freshmen and to free up more time for them to take electives, especially from the school's popular art programs.
By Angela Hokanson | May 20, 2008
GLENDALE ? Faculty members from Glendale Community College took issue with the administration?s position on budgeting for teachers? salaries for the current fiscal year, saying the college could afford an ongoing salary increase if teachers were a true priority. Steve Marsden, a math professor at the college and the budget committee representative for the Glendale College Guild, gave a presentation on Monday to the college?s board of trustees regarding the guild?s view on salary negotiations.
September 16, 2000
Amber Willard GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL -- A teacher and former head coach of the Glendale High girls' softball team was on administrative leave Friday after allegedly stealing a computer from an office, officials said. Craig Becker, who resigned as coach of the softball team at Glendale Community College in July, was arrested at Glendale High School Wednesday morning after other teachers noticed the computer and other items missing, police said. School officials checked Becker's truck in the school parking lot and saw what they thought was the computer, a 5400 PowerMac worth about $500, under towels and shirts, according to police reports.
July 13, 2000
Judy Seckler FLORIDA -- A new Web site,, has been developed to gives teachers methods and tools to supplement their efforts with poor students. The site provides teachers with alternative materials they can download for use in their classrooms. Eductrak is intended for teachers working with students at various grade levels who show marked deficiencies in reading, comprehension, oral and written expression and personal motivation.
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