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By Kelly Corrigan, | August 16, 2013
For nine days last month, Anne Reinhard tracked songbirds in Wyoming for a study on the effects of human development on bird populations. Reinhard, who teaches Spanish at Clark Magnet High School and coaches students as they develop their senior projects, worked alongside fellow instructors and scientists to study four species of songbirds in developed, semi-developed and undeveloped areas of Jackson Hole. Reinhard has gone bird watching with the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society but had never participated in scientific research.
By Kelly Corrigan, | August 14, 2013
For more than 25,950 students attending Glendale Unified, Monday marked the first day of the new school year. For some parents, the day was filled with emotion as they dropped off children just starting kindergarten. Parents Eugene and Margarita Vesselinov brought their 5-year-old daughter, Angelina, to R.D. White Elementary School to begin her educational experience. PHOTOS: First day of school at R.D. White Elementary "I'm going to cry," said Angelina's mother, her eyes filling with tears.
By Andrew Shortall, | August 9, 2013
It was one of those rare days where Jim Smiley pulled his collection of baseball memorabilia out of storage and into his La Crescenta home. While Smiley hasn't seen most of the items in quite a while, he only brings them out about four times a year. On a lazy Saturday, he showed off the collection and he's still quick with a story behind whatever piece is in his hand, how he acquired it, the significance behind it and why it's special to him. There's plenty for Smiley to remember.
July 13, 2013
Re: “GCC cuts faculty pay to offer more classes,” July 5. What an innovative approach to solving the problem of insufficient funding to support our schools. We want the services but we do not wish to share the cost of funding them. We just expect the GCC teachers to pay for them. What is next? Will the teachers, or the firemen, the policepersons, or the sewer maintenance personnel, be expected to pay for the privilege of working for us and providing the services that we need?
July 5, 2013
Glendale Community College students who in recent times found themselves scrambling to find classes are now on the receiving end of a generous gift from their teachers: Full-time faculty members at the Verdugo Boulevard campus have agreed to take a substantial, 35% pay cut to teach short-term winter and summer courses. This gives the college about $340,000 to offer more of these intercession classes. This is a real boon to the students who need to complete enough course work to matriculate to universities without being forced to spend extra time and money in order to achieve that goal.
By Kelly Corrigan, | June 27, 2013
During the first-ever robotics academy at Glendale Community College, nearly 30 teens built and programmed robots from scratch in less than two weeks to compete against each on Thursday. The four-wheeled robots maneuvered around a small white playing field to grasp one ball at a time with their claws. They were controlled by students who set out to score points by dropping the balls in goals that were in the center and corners of the field. Not all of the freshmen and sophomores from Glendale, Burbank and Los Angeles high schools came with robot experience under their belts, but that wasn't a requirement.
By Kelly Corrigan, | June 21, 2013
A new two-year plan is underway in Glendale schools to train educators as they get ready to start teaching the new Common Core State Standards, which are designed to improve students' critical thinking skills. All but a handful of states - including Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Virginia and Hawaii - have adopted the standards, according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a state-led effort that established a single set of educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English and mathematics that states voluntarily adopt.
May 21, 2013
I think Glenoaks Elementary School is doing a really good job with kids. In the kindergarten program, Ms. Newman's class in particular, kids are really encouraged to read. Some kids have read an amazing number of books since last September. And I'm happy to see my kid, who is in that program, read books fluently. I think they're doing a marvelous job and should be acknowledged for that. Bijan Rahbari Glendale    
By Ani Harutyunyan | May 17, 2013
More than a month after the shooting rampage in Newtown, Conn., mental health professionals stated that psychological disorders often emerge before people enter high school; however, only a small percentage of students ever receives necessary intervention or treatment. This is due to lack of knowledge and failure to recognize symptoms. The mass shootings in recent years have raised a debate about gun control and mental health, including a push by President Barack Obama for stronger gun controls and better mental health training for schools and communities.
By Brittany Levine, | May 17, 2013
Glendale Unified students and teachers will have next April 24 off in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, following an agreement signed by school officials and the teachers union this week. Thousands of students of Armenian descent typically skip class on April 24 to participate in commemoration events, but the high truancy rates can decrease the school district's funding, which is tied to attendance. For years, parents, teachers and school officials have been discussing making April 24 a non-work day, and finally next school year the day off will be official.
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