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By Jason Wells | May 12, 2008
CITY HALL ? Potential electioneering crossed with taxpayer-funded television ? and the controversy it created seven years ago ? could hamper Mayor John Drayman?s plans to reintroduce his colleagues to the public airwaves. His plans for a pre-taped television show on the city?s government-access channel, GTV6, would include all five City Council members as they respond to viewer-generated inquiries by holding interviews with various city officials and leaders. To do so, the City Council will have to reverse a policy established in 2001, when Councilman Dave Weaver?
June 8, 2001
Gary Moskowitz GLENDALE -- A week after Lorenzo Abundiz and Peggy Beeuwsaert went on their first date, Abundiz was diagnosed with cancer. Despite his offer for her to leave him, she stayed through all of the hospital visits and chemotherapy treatments. The two were selected last week from thousands of couples who submitted romantic tales of how they met for a contest put on by the ABC television show "Good Morning America." Abundiz and Beeuwsaert will be married June 22 in New York City's Times Square on national television.
March 10, 2001
Katherine Tolford, People NORTH HOLLYWOOD -- After being one of the family to generations of television viewers, actress and former Glendale resident Beverly Garland was officially adopted by the city of Los Angeles. Garland received a resolution from Los Angeles Councilman Joel Wachs declaring Jan. 19 "Beverly Garland Day." In conjunction with her golden anniversary in Hollywood, Garland received the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters' Lifetime Achievement Award at a January luncheon held in her honor at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City.
By: STEVE SMITH | August 27, 2005
Judging by the response to my Aug. 20 column, I believe it's safe to say that everyone is now back from vacation. I was beginning to wonder what it was going to take to get some momentum going on a good argument. What finally got things rolling was a favorite subject of mine, for which I can thank Joe Bell for initiating. The Communications Act of 1934 forbade noncommercial broadcasters (in this case, stations such as KOCE) from airing advertisements defined as messages that "promote any service, facility or product" for profit.
By Ani Amirkhanian | March 19, 2008
Bobby Mauldin had only $21 in his pocket when he ran away from home at the age of 16. But running away with the little that he had didn’t stop him from achieving his goal of going to college. Mauldin, now 77, left to escape abuse, but he managed to make ends meet when he worked odd jobs and put himself through school. Despite his hardship, Mauldin dreamed of going to college to become a television reporter. He worked hard, saved his money and got into North Texas State College in 1949.
January 27, 2001
Alex Coolman GLENDALE -- Before the epic struggle of the New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens gets underway Sunday, some local residents will be engaged in a struggle of their own: the quest to get access to a television to watch the Super Bowl. For some, nothing more is required than a twitch of the thumb on the remote control. But for many residents, access to the basic human right of football is still uncertain. At the Glendale jail, for example, some wretched inmates will be forced to go without so much as a glimpse of a field goal or the sweet twitter of a referee's whistle, according to police Sgt. Rick Young.
April 8, 2005
Magician John Gabriel will perform his "Magic Redefined" magic show at the Alex Theatre, 216 N. Brand Blvd. in Glendale, on April 7 at 8 p.m. While most kids were sitting in front of the television, eyes locked on cartoons, John Gabriel was making magic. Today, his fascination with the art of illusion has made him a spectacle to watch on network television, from opening an NBC television special at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to spectacular live shows. His romantic double levitation was also featured on NBC and was given the name by the industry as the "Greatest Illusion of the Year."
August 14, 2004
SNYDER Rosana Z. Ruiz, the daughter of Marco M. and Rosa E. Ruiz of Burbank, and James E. Snyder, the son of the late Edward Snyder and Louise Ratcliff of Willington, Conn., have announced their engagement. Rosana attended St. Francis Xavier Elementary School and Bellarmine-Jefferson High School. She graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor's degree and is working as a television account executive manager in Denver. James graduated from Bolton High School and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut and his masters in business administration from the University of Colorado.
January 31, 2000
Claudia Peschiutta STRANGE BEDFELLOWS City streets aren't the only place to find Glendale Police Sgt. Rick Young these days. He made it into the home of one woman, who caught Young's comments on more than one local television news broadcast. "I went to bed with you on television last night and I woke up with you this morning," the woman said to Young Friday morning when she ran into him near the site of the Metrolink train crash on Grandview Avenue.
April 8, 2014
I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1939. I listened to Red Barber introduce Jackie Robinson in 1947 and Vin Scully in 1950. In 1951, my parents moved to Glendale. My father and I were thrilled when the Dodgers moved to L.A. in 1958 and as fans we didn't understand how lucky we were to have the O'Malleys as owners of the team. The fans always came first. When Peter O'Malley sold the team to Fox and then the McCourts, we saw greed for the first time in a Dodger uniform. The new ownership with Magic Johnson gave me hope.
By Jonathan Williams | March 7, 2014
A Glendale Community College instructor and his wife, who have adopted six children, have turned the love and chaos of their family life into that most American of pursuits: reality television. High school sweethearts from Illinois, Ryun Hovind and MeLisa Lomelino married in 1997 and made a pact not to have children of their own, but to open their home to others who weren't fortunate enough to have a family. “This is a way to totally transform someone's life,” Hovind said. Now in their mid-30s, Hovind and Lomelino reside in Los Angeles with their current family of four children between 10 and 16 years old. The two oldest, 18- and 21-year-old young men, are now living on their own. Hovind works as an adjunct instructor in the college's media arts department.
December 17, 2013
Re: “ Film permits on a roll ,” Dec. 14. Kudos to City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian for creating a full-time position for film permitting in Glendale. I'm glad that Glendale is embracing the fact that some of the largest film studios in the world are located just minutes from our city. This is a great potential source of revenue for the city, which doesn't require raising the taxes of citizens. It's also a great way to help the local economy and to help make sure that money and jobs stay here rather than go to other states, which continue to steal production from California.
October 3, 2013
Glendale was wrong to install a controversial monument honoring Korean sex slaves taken by the Japanese Army during World War II, Mayor Dave Weaver said during an interview published Monday on a Japanese television station's YouTube channel . “We opened a beehive, a hornet's nest,” he told Channel Sakura. “We just shouldn't have done it.” VIDEO: Glendale Mayor disagrees with 'comfort women' statue decision The statue - the first on the West Coast honoring so-called comfort women on public property - thrust Glendale into a controversy that has been stoked thousands of miles away.
June 19, 2013
With the freshly-announced deals to produce animated television shows for Netflix and Germany's leading children's TV channel , DreamWorks Animation is well on the way to reinventing itself as a multifaceted media company. That's the message Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg is imparting to Wall Street in the wake of the company's television deals with Netflix and Super RTL . "We're now on a path to becoming the biggest producer and distributor of high quality TV programming on a global basis," Katzenberg said in a conference call with analysts Tuesday.  "DreamWorks is increasingly shifting from an animated film company into a multifaceted entertainment company.
May 1, 2013
In a deal that underscores the growing importance of digital platforms for reaching young audiences, DreamWorks Animation said it is acquiring the YouTube teen network AwesomenessTV for $33 million in cash. Under terms of the agreement, DreamWorks will pay the up-front cash consideration and there are incentives that could ultimately make the acquisition ultimately worth as much as $117 million, if AwesomenessTV achieves certain performance goals over the next two years. "AwesomenessTV is one of the fastest growing content channels on the Internet today and our acquisition of this groundbreaking venture will bring incredible momentum to our digital strategy," DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg said in a statement.
By Kelly Corrigan, | March 7, 2013
Teacher evaluations and budget hurdles were among the topics submitted from the public for a forum that put the spotlight on the seven candidates vying for three seats on the Glendale Unified school board. The televised forum, hosted by the League of Women Voters of Glendale/Burbank on Wednesday, attracted about 20 people to the district headquarters, where candidates each were given up to one minute to respond to each question. Speaking on the teacher-evaluation process, incumbent Christine Walters said statewide test scores shouldn't be the only measurement of teacher effectiveness.
By Brian Crosby | January 30, 2013
Well, it happened. It was inevitable, friends tell me. It's part of the parenting experience, or so the experts say. We got a TV for our son's bedroom. He can now play Call of Duty yelling out bizarre yelps in the comforts of his own room. Of course, the 3-hour limit of game playing on weekends (none during the school week) is still enforced. My wife and I held out for almost 14 years to make sure that our family had one television to allow for whole family viewing opportunities and to avoid having the kids seclude themselves behind locked doors.
November 16, 2012
The film and television industry in Los Angeles County has lost more than 16,000 jobs since 2004, mostly due to work migrating out of state, a new report revealed. Last year, the entertainment business generated 102,100 jobs in the county, down 14% from its peak of 118,200 jobs in 2004, according to a study released Friday by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. During the same period, L.A.'s share of overall jobs in the motion picture and video category fell to 51% from 60%. (The figures exclude employment in the music and post-production industries.)
October 16, 2012
DreamWorks SKG founders Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen are each donating $30 million to the Motion Picture & Television Fund, giving a major boost to the fundraising campaign for one of Hollywood's oldest charities. The total commitment of $90 million is part of a campaign launched earlier this year to raise $350 million for the fund and to support its charitable operations, including a nursing home for retired entertainment industry workers that was once slated for closure.
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