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February 24, 2012
Should anyone be sorry that the landfills are not generating income (“ Landfill sees steep revenue drop ,” Feb. 20)? Have we become some Third World country where our revenue depends on accepting trash? City officials have their policies upside-down. We should be doing everything to reduce waste and extend the life of the landfill. How about establishing a vision of zero waste by 2020? That would translate into zero dollars in revenue from landfill operations. What most Glendale residents may still not know is that the city's expenditures have far outpaced its revenues, starting since well before the recession.
August 30, 2012
I decided not to write my annual ode to the springtime beauty of the Verdugo Hills because the hillsides were already turning a desiccated brown in late February because of the lack of winter rains. Fortunately the plentiful March and April rains resuscitated the green and gave good vigor to the wildflowers. I am writing once again about the trash that sprouts everywhere I hike in the hills regardless of the season or the rains. There is the small trash of candy, gum and energy bar wrappers and tissues that could so easily be tucked into the hiker's pocket.
September 15, 2012
I took photos of trash piled along curbs on Aug. 30. The trash had already been here for at least three weeks prior to my photos. As I write this, it is Sept. 12 and the trash is still there. In fact, more has been added. It spreads all the way from the apartments at 1144 N. Verdugo Road to the apartments at Calle Vaquero. It is disgusting and it is hazardous. Also, look at what is underneath the 134 Freeway overpass, just north of 1414 E. Chevy Chase Drive. Trash, liquor bottles, a mattress, furniture; you name it, it gets dumped here.
November 1, 2011
Going all out on candy and Halloween decorations may earn a neighborhood street cred among trick-or-treaters, but it can also mean trash -- lots of it. It's a problem that Northwest Glendale -- long a popular draw for hundreds of children on Halloween -- has been grappling with for years. So today, dozens of volunteers are scheduled to converge on the neighborhood today for the second consecutive year to comb streets for candy wrappers and other trash. Organized by the city's Neighborhood Services Division, the clean-up includes volunteer groups from Hoover High, Toll Middle and Keppel Elementary schools.
By Patrick Caneday | July 29, 2011
Last summer we had a death in our house. Two, actually. First a goldfish. Then my garage refrigerator. Both were mourned with much wailing and weeping. But I still miss the latter to this day. That loyal fridge graciously held my frozen steaks, extra gallons of milk and all the leftover beer and sodas from every backyard gathering. She was like my own personal Handy Market, which may be why I had such a hard time letting her go. Unlike the goldfish, I never gave the fridge a proper burial.
By Melanie Hicken, | August 10, 2010
CITY HALL — Glendale has exceeded an ambitious citywide recycling goal two years earlier than expected, officials said. For the past 10 years, at least 50% of all city waste was diverted from landfills through an assortment of city recycling programs, according to state law. But in 2006, Public Works officials challenged the city to bump up the so-called waste diversion rate to 60% by the end of 2011. Calculations on trash and recycling levels show that the city diverted 61% of all trash from landfills in 2009, according to figures released Friday.
December 3, 2012
In order to avoid steep fines, Glendale plans to install hundreds of storm drain screens to keep trash from getting into the Los Angeles River. The City Council has approved spending $100,000 more, bringing the total cost for 579 screens to $150,000. The screens are required by the state's water quality control board, which requires cities to block trash from getting into the river. The screens prevent trash as small as 5 millimeters in diameter from entering the storm drain system.
April 22, 2000
Jenna Bordelon PALMER PARK -- John Muir Elementary School student Enrique Malaguit, 11, picked up an old piece of gum with a eucalyptus leaf. "The gum almost laid down on my hand," he said. "It was gross." The cleanup was part of an Earth Day awareness event put on by the school. It was designed to give fifth- and sixth-grade students a sense of their immediate environment and why it's covered in trash. Earth Day will be celebrated throughout the world today.
By Jason Wells | November 12, 2008
BURBANK — Passengers and crew aboard the 9:30 a.m. Southwest flight came upon an unusual sight Tuesday as they landed at Bob Hope Airport: dozens of people in bright yellow T-shirts walking down the middle of Runway 826. They were searching for “foreign object debris,” otherwise known as trash — a potentially costly pest when sucked into jet engines. A plastic bag, screw, loose pebble or stick can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to aircraft engines or tires.
By Arin Mikailian, | April 5, 2014
Business owners along Honolulu Avenue in Montrose are working with Glendale public works staff to remedy an ongoing trash issue that entails illegal dumping, overflowing bins and stores throwing away their garbage in the waste units of neighboring shops. So far, the city has hired Jeffery Camera of Balliet, Camera & Howe Consultants, who gave a presentation on Thursday to the board of directors of the Montrose Shopping Park Assn. that included findings and photos. Many businesses have trash bins in their rear parking lots that are used by nearby landscapers and gardeners for dumping waste such as tree stumps, contributing to the overflow, Camera said.
By Arin Mikailian, | April 2, 2014
Among the many hats he wears in the Crescenta Valley, Steve Pierce takes it upon himself every morning around 5 a.m. to tidy up Montrose's Vietnam War Memorial and pick up any trash around it. After that, he spends the rest of the day talking to people. A lot of people. Aside from his role as president of the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, Pierce is also communications administrator for the Montrose Shopping Park Assn., a job he started four years ago under the title business ambassador and for which he receives $500 a month.
By Veronica Rocha, | March 28, 2014
A black bear was spotted again Thursday night, but this time, not even an air horn could stop it from rummaging through residents' trash. Resident Sillas Duarte Jr. heard a noise in his backyard in the 3100 block of Dragonfly Street and went to investigate - only to find the bruin, which is known by Fish & Wildlife officials as the Chevy Chase bear. The bear had knocked down trash bins belonging to Duarte and a neighbor. Duarte used an air horn to try to scare the bear, but that didn't work.
By Jonny Whiteside | January 2, 2014
New York singer-guitarist Palmyra Delran epitomizes the East Coast underground rock 'n' roll ethic. The tenured princess of trash-pop, who makes a rare California appearance at South Pasadena's the Barkley on Friday, has been banging out her primitive, stomping brand of big beat malfeasance since the early 1990s, and has developed a distinctive, glittering sound that mixes elements of vintage 1960s girl group and garage rock with the buzz-saw audacity of...
December 17, 2013
With the holiday gift-giving season in full swing, unfortunately another snowfall of empty packing boxes, old appliances and toys, and other detritus will soon descend on our neighborhoods. Unfortunately a lot of it will end up on curbs and piled in our alleys. Most of the trash will appear magically overnight, with no one taking responsibility for it. In many cities I have lived in it would be up to the residents to figure out how to deal with this situation. Therefore I would like to publicly thank the city's Integrated Waste Management department for their bulky item pick-up service, and to thank the taxpayers who support it. With a single phone call or through a simple online request form the city will remove these items for you, usually by the next trash day. Glendale is very fortunate to be able to offer this service to its residents on demand.
October 2, 2013
Investigators are looking into a trash fire which appeared to be set in the garage of an apartment building on Saturday. The fire was reported about 4:55 p.m. in a parking space in the building's garage in the 500 block of Belmont Street, according to Glendale police. Police say it appeared someone set a bag of trash on fire. Officers searched for witnesses, but were unable to find anyone. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. -- Veronica Rocha, Follow on Google+ and on Twitter: @VeronicaRochaLA
July 27, 2013
I take great exception to the Glendale citywide litter article. What part of Glendale does Sandra Rodriguez, program coordinator of the Community Development Department, live in? Try Kenilworth Avenue, one block west of Pacific Avenue, south of Doran Avenue to Milford Street. Two short blocks. The everyday list begins: food container and condiment trash from Jack-in-the-Box and McDonald's; coffee cups, mostly from but not limited to Starbucks; numerous cigarette butts, just in front of our place alone.
July 18, 2013
The wisdom of the city council's edict on plastic bags has convinced me to do my serious grocery shopping in consumer friendly adjacent neighborhoods. My free bags are still recycled with trash or other recyclables and not dumped in Glendale. Walt Englert Silver Lake
By Tiffany Kelly, and By Tiffany Kelly, | May 18, 2013
Alex Hausman and his four-year-old son, Theo, were walking across a shallow area of the Los Angeles River on Saturday morning when they spotted a child-sized mattress floating near the edge. When a few nearby volunteers saw the find, they lifted the dirty mattress out of the water and onto the pavement next to the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk. Later, it was hauled into a truck bed on top of a few other objects: a shopping cart, a suitcase and several bags of trash. Hausman was one of more than 100 volunteers who spent Saturday morning cleaning out a portion of the Los Angeles River that runs alongside the newly-completed riverwalk in Glendale.
By Veronica Rocha, | December 10, 2012
A large black bear was spotted Sunday night digging through a trash bin in a Chevy Chase Canyon neighborhood, police said. The bear, which residents described as between 500 and 800 pounds, was sifting through an outdoor trash bin in the 3200 block of Cornwall Drive, Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said. Officials said the size of the bear, if accurate, is extremely rare. Glendale police who responded to the scene flashed their patrol car lights and used an air horn to scare the bear off into a nearby hillside and out of sight.
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